Publication Editor Position Description

Approved 6/1997 by IS Executive Committee


Each IS sponsored document (Type 3) is managed by an IS task force and a Publication Editor, appointed when IS publication proposals have been approved by the IS Executive Committee and ACRL. Publication Editors work with the IS task force assigned to the publication from the first draft of a manuscript until final publication, in order to provide editorial oversight. Publication Editors report on the progress of the publication on a quarterly basis to the IS Executive Committee.

Responsibilities of Publication Editors include insuring that the quality of author(s) submissions meets the criteria established for the publication; that deadlines for author(s) submissions are set and met; that coherence among elements of a publication is achieved; that established standards of structure, content and rhetorical matters are reflected in the publication. Authors will be informed by means of the ACRL/IS Letter-of-Understanding that failure to meet the criteria, coherence, and standards for the publication can result in the rescinding of the offer to submit for publication. For more information on the duties of publication editors, see the section in the IS Publication Policies and Procedures Manual called " Responsibilities of Committees and Officers in the Publication Process."

Publication Editors may be appointed as chair of the publication task force assigned responsibility for the publication, should the IS Chair determine this dual appointment will insure the completion of a quality publication. Publication Editors cannot serve as authors, but their contributions should be acknowledged in the publication. Individuals cannot hold the position of Publication Editor while also serving as members of IS committees or task forces other than the task force assigned responsibility for the publication.


Publication Editors should have recent and substantive IS experience in addition to publication experience and strong editorial skills.


Individuals wishing to serve as Publication Editors may communicate their interest to the IS Chair. Publication Editors are appointed by the IS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, with the advice of the Executive Committee, in consultation with the Chair of the group proposing the publication.


Publication Editors serve for the duration of a project.

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