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To advise the Executive Committee concerning policies and procedures for the Section and manage existing Section publications. The committee drafts and reviews IS policies and procedures, ensuring that they are in alignment with ACRL/ALA policies and procedures, and identifies new ACRL/ALA policies and procedures and determines how they affect the Section. The committee receives and maintains an archive of publication proposals, establishes an update schedule for all IS publications, notifies the Executive Committee 12 months before a publication needs to be updated, and recommends when a publication should be retired. The committee updates "Bibliography of Publications By/About the Instruction Section" and "Publication Policies and Procedures Manual".

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Approved Policies

Communication and Productivity Tools (8/2008)
Requests for Instruction Section Endorsement or Support (3/2006)
Requirements for IS Web Bibliographies (1/2006)
Virtual Members on Instruction Section Committies and Task Forces (11/2005)

Publication Proposal Archive

Current Projects

The Committee will develop a method of maintaining the existing Section publications list which will include establishing an update and retirement schedule for each publication.

The Committee will update the " Bibliography of Publications By/About the Instruction Section."

The Committee will update the " Publication Proposal Archive."


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