2003 ALA Midwinter Conference Policy Committee: Meeting I

Saturday, 25 January 2003, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Marriott - Franklin

Members Present: Janet Brewer, JoAnn Calzonetti, Jennifer Cox, Valerie Feinman, Barbara Kern, Paula McMillen (intern), Susan Miller (liaison), Rocco Piccinino, Sarah Sheehan (Ch)

Members Excused: Jan Guise, Phillip Powell


  • Introductions
  • Approval of minutes
  • Changes to agenda
  • Report from Advisory Counci

Roster: print copy of the roster was sent around for corrections; can also make corrections on ALA website.

  1. Advisory Council Report:

    • New ALA website coming.
    • ACRL looking for mentors for spectrum scholars (diverse pops in library schools); contact is Theresa Byrd
    • ACRL looking for reporters for Charlotte conference; contact Mary Ellen Davis.
    • ACRL review "ACRL of the Future" also seeking participants for discussion group. Announcements of discussion groups here at Midwinter.
  2. Committee reports:

    Conference Planning - information about panel speakers.

    Pre-conference Program - Planning Instructional Opportunities for Target Populations.

    Membership - dinner last night.

    Nominations - for Chair of IS are our own JoAnn Calzonetti and Beth Dupuis . Names for other positions are in the from C & RL News Jan. 2003 issue.

    Research & Scholarship - will have program at Charlotte.

  3. Announcements:

    Listserv move from BI-L to ILI-L lost members from 4K to about 2,487.

    LOEX has new director. New volumes of newsletter available on web site if institution is member; E-mail newsletter available on same basis. Conference this year May 8-10 in Madison; theme is "Reflective Teaching: A Bridge for Learning". Registration opens 12:00 Noon EST Feb.14th.

    IS -Deadlines for volunteering for committees is Feb 1; to volunteer go to the IS website. IS of the Future mtg. IS membership 3,866 which is a decrease& continues a trend. Ask 5 questions: As Instruction librarian, what will be our role: technology, budget. What major issues for professional development? For IS what makes this organization distinctive? - Answer: awards for instruction. As part of organization, what promotes/ impedes innovation? -Answer: ACRL seen as a roadblock with all their rules. What significant changes to IS could have impact? If you want to communicate any comments on this, let Sarah know. LIRT will examine same questions in San Diego.

    No other announcements.

  4. Review of changes to the Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries

    The following notes are from the discussion:

    Valerie has been to guidelines hearing before and commented that some people will come with a particular aspect not happy with. Suggests just take down comments and then will discuss tomorrow morning. If some changes need to be made, Sarah will take to advisory Committee, which has already seen the current version. Sarah will introduce and give brief history of changes made. Sarah has all revisions (5 of them). Has been published for people to review. Important to make clear that this is about instruction programs, not IL (broader than IL). Intended as a "read me first" before Objectives and Standards documents. It is a broadly written guidelines document, geared toward library administration. Should serve as benchmark for someone who wants to promote instruction program to library administration. IS may need to address the gap between programs at big institutions and the small institutions. Barbara pointed out that the "caboose" includes some big institutions like hers (U. of Chicago). Valerie found inconsistency in 1st sentence of section II. Human Resources. We'll change IL to "instruction programs". Goal should always be "information literacy." Sarah asked us to look through it carefully to see if we'd missed anything. Sarah asked for all committee members to take notes at hearing.
    Next project is to review documents that IS published already to determine updates needed for content and format. Valerie says the book on evaluation should be updated. She will send cite to Sarah. Maybe just need a new work on assessment. Might also consider merging some documents.

The meeting adjourned at 3:05pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula McMillen, Intern
Feb. 12, 2003

Approved Feb. 6, 2003


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