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To support instruction librarians in providing instructional services to diverse populations. The committee reviews, researches new content, updates, and promotes the "Multilingual Glossary" and the "Library Instruction for Diverse Populations Bibliography" bi-annually, focusing on one document per year.

Annual Planning:
View planning documents such as annual goals, measuring success reports, or annual reports by selecting the appropriate report from the Planning Documents Archive page.

Committees generally meet twice at the Midwinter Meeting and once at the Annual Conference. Most meetings are open to visitors. Check the full schedule of IS meetings which is posted about one month before each conference on the IS home page.

Conference Minutes:
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Current Projects

Revision of the Multilingual Glossary
A major, long-term project involving the following tasks: 1. Identify terms of possible addition to or deletion from the current version of the Glossary. 2. Creation of translations of these terms into other languages. 3. Writing of definitions for these terms. 4. Editing of revision by the committee for consistency of style and formatting. 5. Submission of revision for Approval by IS Exec. 6. Uploading of the revised Glossary to the IS Web site. 7. Publicizing of the revised Glossary.

Identification of information literacy standards from other countries for inclusion in the Standards - International Web page maintained by the Institute for Information Literacy

Other Committee Responsibilities

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