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Charge: To promote discussion of current instruction topics by coordinating discussion forums facilitated by IS members at the ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences. To that end, the committee will issue calls for, review, and select proposals for discussions; communicate decisions to all applicants; serve as liaison to each discussion group; provide guidance and support to conveners as needed; ensure that digests are completed and uploaded to the IS web site for each discussion group; maintain tip sheets for selection of proposals and facilitation of discussions; and refine criteria for selection of proposals as needed. This committee does not propose any discussion groups of its own.

Membership: The committee will consist of 4-6 members (including the co-chairs), and will have an IS Executive Committee liaison. The IS Vice-Chair appoints the members of the Discussion Group Steering Committee. The IS Vice-Chair also appoints the discussion group conveners to a special committee for a one-year term.

Annual Planning:
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