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To provide direction for the attainment of the objectives of the Section. The Executive Committee has authority over the affairs of the Section during the period between meetings of the Section, subject to review by the members at a meeting of the Section.
Chair 2014-2015: Mark Szarko (
Executive Committee Web Page

To provide a forum for reporting, discussing, and coordinating the work of Instruction Section's committees and task forces. The Advisory Council is composed of the Executive Committee, plus all the chairs of the standing committees and task forces, and ex officio members including the IS Committee List Administrator, the IS Web Administrator(s), the IS Newsletter Editor, the IS Archivist, the IS liaison to the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), and the director of the Library Orientation & Exchange Clearinghouse (LOEX).
Chair 2013-14: Mark Szarko (
Advisory Council Web Page

To recognize outstanding scholarship, instructional programming, and leadership among our colleagues by choosing the recipients of the Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award, the Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year Award, and the Instruction Section Innovation Award. The committee will proactively research possible nominees for these awards and solicit nominations widely from membership, and convey their decisions to the Executive Committee. The committee will periodically review the selection criteria for honorees; coordinate publicity related to individual awards and award recipients according to ALA/ACRL award procedures; update information about award winners on the Section web site; and update the internal documents that guide the committee. The Committee also coordinates the awards ceremony, plaques and certificates, and invites the honorees to the IS Soiree. The committee will also regularly evaluate the need for new awards and investigate ongoing funding sources.
Chair 2014-15: Susanna Maria Eng-Ziskin (
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To facilitate internal and external Section communication through print and electronic media about membership activities, achievements, procedures, and publications. The committee supports the ILI-L List Administrator who moderates the ILI-L list and maintains the former BI-L list archives on the ALA server. The committee supports the Committee List Administrator who maintains the electronic communications for the Advisory Council, the Executive Committee, and all IS committees. The committee also supports the Newsletter Editor and the Web Site Administrators. The committee seeks candidates for these four positions on a biennial basis. The committee maintains and updates all the internal tips documents related to its work.
Chair 2014-15: Sheila Stoeckel (
Communication Web Page
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To work with the Section Chair and ACRL to plan and execute an annual conference program that supports the ACRL strategic plan. The committee will examine opportunities to co-sponsor the program with other ACRL and ALA units to avoid duplication of topics at the ALA Annual Conference and to better promote instructional programs in general. Following ACRL and ALA procedures for developing programs, the committee will draft the initial program proposal and budget for Executive Committee and ACRL approval; secure written agreements from invited speakers; determine and arrange for equipment needs; and prepare program evaluation materials and other relevant handouts. After the conference program, the committee will post the program information on the Section web site, review and update the IS Program Planning Manual, and prepare a report for the Executive Committee, which includes the results from the evaluation.
Annual - San Francisco, 2015:
Chair: Meghan Elizabeth Sitar (
Roster 2013-14 (member login)

To promote discussion of current instruction topics by coordinating discussion forums facilitated by IS members at the ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences. To that end, the committee will issue calls for, review, and select proposals for discussions; communicate decisions to all applicants; serve as liaison to each discussion group; provide guidance and support to conveners as needed; ensure that digests are completed and uploaded to the IS web site for each discussion group; maintain tip sheets for selection of proposals and facilitation of discussions; and refine criteria for selection of proposals as needed. This committee does not propose any discussion groups of its own.
Chair 2014-15: Veronica Arellano Douglas (
Discussion Group Steering Web Page
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To promote best practices in information literacy and library instruction by developing, maintaining, and promoting the "Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline" and related web site.
Chair 2014-15: Joseph Goetz (
Information Literacy Best Practices Web Page
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To gather and promote information literacy standards and curricula developed by accrediting agencies, professional associations, and institutions of higher education nationally and internationally. The Committee presents its data on Section-sanctioned web sites, including "Information Literacy in the Disciplines" and "Information Literacy Around the Globe." The Committee shall review and update the content annually.
Chair 2014-15: Prof. Bonnie L. Fong (
ILD Web Page
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To support instruction librarians in providing instructional services to diverse populations. The committee reviews, researches new content, updates, and promotes the "Multilingual Glossary" and the "Library Instruction for Diverse Populations Bibliography" bi-annually, focusing on one document per year.
Chair 2014-15: Dr. Carol A. Leibiger (
IDP Web Page
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To educate and inform membership about the impact of technology on instruction.  The committee researches instructional technologies for the "Tips and Trends" series, which is posted on the IS web site and announced on ILI-L. The committee is responsible for promoting and annually updating the "Classroom Control Systems" page on the Section web site.
Chair 2014-15: Meredith Farkas (
Instructional Technologies Web Page
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To select the location and coordinate arrangements for the IS social event at the ALA Midwinter or Annual Conference, working closely with the IS Chair and using as a guide, the IS document: "Tips for Planning the IS Soiree." The committee updates this document (available from the IS web page by choosing > About > Tips for…Planning the IS Soiree) as needed.
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Annual - San Francisco, 2015:
Ms. Corliss S. Lee (

To promote effective leadership and management of academic library instruction programs. The committee promotes Section documents "Analysis of Instructional Environments" and "Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators," gathers information on the uses and impact of these documents, and solicits feedback for future revisions.
Chair 2014-15: Ms. Lisa Martin (
Management and Leadership Web Page
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To encourage participation of new, returning, and prospective Section members through orientations, social activities, promotional events/materials, and other mechanisms. The committee works with the Local Arrangements Chairs to coordinate IS Soirees and with the Executive Committee to organize membership orientations. Membership also conducts and reports on the Dropped Membership Survey, communicates with new and dropped members, updates the "FAQ for IS Members" and the IS Brochure. The Membership Committee co-chairs serve as the Section's representatives on the ACRL Membership Advisory Committee.
Chair 2014-15: Amanda Clossen (
Membership Web Page
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To manage, promote, and assess the Mentoring Program whereby experienced instruction librarians are recruited to serve as mentors to newer librarians or librarians new to instruction or to the Instruction Section. Tasks include updating guidelines and procedures, linking mentors with mentees, tracking program participants, providing support to the volunteer mentors and mentees, updating and maintaining online resources relating to good mentoring practices, and assessing the program. The committee will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration with other mentoring programs within the American Library Association.
Chair 2014-15: Kelly Anne McCusker (
Mentoring Program Web Page
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To ensure effective leadership of the Instruction Section by nominating for the elective offices of the Section the best possible candidates who reflect the diversity, professional environments, and geographical distribution of the Section membership. The committee solicits nomination suggestions from the membership through the "Nomination Form for IS Officers" on the Section web site, a document which it also updates and maintains. After preparing a slate of at least two nominees for each of the offices, the committee ensures that the candidates complete all of the requisite steps, including submitting an online ballot form (with biographical information and a statement of concern), and reviewing their ballot information on the ALA web site. The committee also maintains a list of past and potential nominees for use by future committees.
Chair 2016: Karen Munro (
2016 Roster (member login)
Nominating Committee Web Page

To work with the Section Chair and ACRL to plan and execute a preconference program that supports the ACRL Plan for Excellence. Following ACRL and ALA procedures for developing programs, the committee will draft the initial program proposal and budget for Executive Committee and ACRL approval; and in conjunction with ACRL staff, secure written agreements from invited speakers; determine and arrange for equipment needs; and prepare program evaluation materials and other relevant handouts. After the preconference program, the committee will post the program information on the Section web site, review and update the IS Program Planning Manual, and prepare a report for the Executive Committee, which includes the results from the evaluation.
Annual – San Francisco, 2015:
Chair:  Nancy E. Fawley (
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To select, promote, and share the peer-reviewed instructional materials created by librarians to teach people about discovering, accessing and evaluating information in networked environments. The committee reviews submissions for the PRIMO database, updates and maintains the database, chooses and promotes the PRIMO site of the month, and annually reviews and updates the "Selection Criteria" document.
Chair 2014-15:  Alec Sonsteby (
PRIMO Web Page
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Through the maintenance of key documents, the committee encourages the development of professional education for library school students and librarians with instruction-related responsibilities. The committee is responsible for annually updating the IS list of "Library Instruction Courses Offered by Accredited Master's Programs in Library and Information Studies" including verifying current listings and researching new courses.  The committee annually updates the IS list of "Sponsors of Continuing Education Programs for Library Instruction” by investigating current learning opportunities available in conferences, associations and institutes in both the United States and Canada.  Every three years the “Continuing Education Needs and Interest Survey” is conducted among the membership for feedback about professional education.
Chair 2014-15: Braegan Abernathy (
Professional Education Web Page
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To promote and support research and scholarship opportunities for academic and research librarians by identifying instruction-related topics for study and research. The committee assesses the impact of the Section publication "Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy" by tracking articles that cite the Research Agenda and identifying research that addresses key areas identified in the Research Agenda, which are added to the "Bibliography of Citations Related to the Research Agenda." The committee is responsible for revising and promoting the Research Agenda, researching new additions and updating the "List of Pedagogical Journals" and "A Bibliography of Research Methods Texts," and writing and promoting the "Five Articles You Should Read" series.
Chair 2014-15: Dr. David D. Oberhelman (
Research and Scholarship Web Page
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To update and revise the Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators document in recommendations published in the report of the Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinator Review Task Force. The Revision Task Force should solicit comments on drafts of the new document from Instruction Section membership prior to seeking approval from the IS Executive Committee and ACRL Board.
Co-Chairs 2014-15: Sara Harrington ( and Ms. Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson (
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To identify and promote effective teaching methods of instruction librarians. The committee researches and reviews new information literacy textbooks for their publication "Teaching and Learning Information Literacy Skills Textbooks" and researches and reads books and articles related to the first-year experience for their "First-Year Experience and Academic Libraries: A Select Annotated Bibliography." The committee promotes and annually updates these publications, and updates the associated "Tips" documents as necessary.
Chair 2014-15: Merinda McClure (
Teaching Methods Web Page
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The task force is charged with reviewing the recommendations of the Website Revision Task Force and investigate website hosting options outside of ALA/ACRL (e.g., Word Press, Google Sites, etc.). The task force will submit its hosting option recommendation to the Executive Committee by ALA Midwinter (2014). The task force will then implement changes on the selected platform, improving the site’s navigation structure and content organization (deadline: ALA Annual 2014).
Co-Chairs 2014-15: Maura Seale ( and Jennifer Knievel (
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