Working Timeline: IS Awards Committee


  • Carefully review committee charge, award descriptions and selection criteria, and working timeline on Awards Committee web page.


  • Review journal list provided by chair: Determine availability of each title at your institution. Submit journal availability and recommendations for addition of any new journal titles to the pool. [DEADLINE: AUGUST 20]
  • Read "Reviewing the Literature for Publication Award Candidates," available on Awards Committee web page, to get overview of process by which pool of publication candidates will be generated.


  • Begin review of assigned journals.
  • Receive LIS publisher assignment from chair. Search bibliographic tools (Library Literature, LISA, BIP, WorldCat) for relevant books by assigned publisher. Secure review copies of books identified in this manner. (Plan for possible ILL requests).


  • Submit article nominations from assigned journals to chair. Provide full bibliographic citation. [DEADLINE: OCTOBER 4]
  • Receive consolidated list of article nominees and begin reading and evaluation of all articles on list.
  • Continue review of relevant books from assigned publishers.


  • Submit titles of books from assigned publishers. [DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 1]
  • Receive consolidated list of internal book nominees from chair. Secure review copies, planning ahead for ILL as necessary.
  • Continue reading and evaluation of all titles in publication pool – articles as well as books.


  • Receive nomination packages for Innovation Award nominees and begin review and evaluation in preparation for deliberations at Midwinter.
  • Receive consolidated list of publications for consideration, updated to include any external nominations received by the December 1 deadline. Secure, read and evaluate any new titles, as necessary.


  • Attend Midwinter meetings of Awards Committee. Come prepared to contribute to energetic discussion and debate culminating in the selection of winners.

Drafted June 2007 by Kathleen Gallagher, 2006-2007 IS Awards Committee Chair

Questions and comments may be sent to Susan Beck, ( and Emily Rogers, (, 2008-2009 Awards Committee Co-chairs.


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