IS Awards Committee Chair’s Checklist


This checklist includes only those tasks specific to chairing the IS Awards Committee. It does not include the generic duties of IS committee chairs outlined on the IS Chairs timetable, which incoming Awards chairs should take care to review as early as possible in their term. Also, new IS Awards Committee chairs should review all tip and timeline documents provided by the ACRL Awards Program Officer.

Mid to Late July

  • Review committee's working timeline, available on Awards Committee web page; make revisions as necessary.
  • Include in committee welcome message instructions to review the committee’s charge, award descriptions and selection criteria, and the working timeline available on the Awards Commitee web page.

Early to Mid August

  • Send journal list to committee, and have members determine their local access to each title. Members should respond with their journal availability and recommend any new journal titles for inclusion by August deadline.
  • Have members read "Reviewing the Literature for Publication Award Candidates," available on Awards Committee web page, to get overview of process by which pool of publication candidates will be generated.


  • Make and send list of journal assignments to committee members to begin journal review process. Set early October deadline for members to submit titles from their assigned journals; choose date that allows 4-6 week review period.
  • Make assignments for committee members to review LIS book publishers for relevant book publications. Set early November deadline for members to submit recommendations of books from assigned publishers.
  • Draft and submit call for nominations for the fall IS Newsletter (see samples in previous fall Newsletters). Submission deadline will be announced on the IS-ADVISORY list, and is typically around the 15th.
  • By end of month, send nomination calls for Innovation & Rockman Awards (Dudley chair drafts a separate call) to: ILI-L, LIBREF, UGLi, COLLIB-L, ULS-L.


  • Compile in a single list all article titles submitted for consideration by committee members. Send list to committee with instructions to begin reading and evaluation. Remind committee of selection criteria outlined on Awards Committee web page.
  • Remind committee of November 1 deadline for submitting book titles from assigned publishers.


  • Nov. 1: Send second nomination call for Innovation & Rockman Awards to ILI-L, LIBREF, UGLi, COLLIB-L, ULS-L, noting the one-month countdown to the deadline.
  • Compile in a single list all book titles submitted for consideration by committee members. Send list to committee with instructions to begin reading and evaluation. (Note: Committee members will often have to use ILL to secure review copies).


  • Send any outside publication nominations received by the Dec. 1 deadline to the committee. Provide a final, consolidated list of all publications the committee should review in preparation for Midwinter deliberations.
  • Make duplicates of Innovation nomination packages received by the Dec. 1 deadline and mail copies to all committee members within 1-2 weeks. Include a cover sheet with itemized list of both the enclosed applications (print) and any digital submissions.
  • Notify ACRL Program Officer of the number of nominees for both Innovation and Rockman Publication Awards by December 9.
  • Acknowledge receipt of nominations for Innovation and, if applicable, Rockman awards via email.


  • Lead committee deliberation process at Midwinter to the selection of winners.
  • Share decision with IS Executive Committee via Exec liaison.
  • Within one week after Midwinter, contact winners by telephone to congratulate them and to obtain information required on ACRL’s Media Profile Form, which is used by the ACRL Awards Program Officer to draft letters of congratulation, press releases, and C&RL News article. (ACRL sends form to Awards Chair via email in December/January).
  • Draft description of winning project and publication, highlighting qualities that determined their selection. Solicit feedback from committee and finalize.
  • Within approximately two weeks after Midwinter, complete Media Profile Form and send to ACRL Program Officer (who will send notice of the specific deadline date).


  • Draft letters to nominators of non-winning Innovation projects, notifying them of outcome and thanking them again for their nominations. Use your institution’s letterhead and send by mail. Do NOT send until ACRL has sent out the official press release.

March – April

  • Draft article on Innovation and Rockman Award winners for Spring IS Newsletter. Submission deadline will be announced on the IS-ADVISORY list, and is typically around April 1st.
  • Review IS Awards Ceremony Tip Sheet , available on the Awards Committee web page, and send to IS Chair, Dudley Chair, and ACRL Awards Program Officer to ensure common understanding of roles.
  • Prepare blurb on Innovation and Rockman winners for IS Chair, who will MC the Awards ceremony at Annual.


Attend ALA Annual Conference:

  • At Annual, pick up plaques at ALA Office (ACRL table) and deliver to IS Program/Awards ceremony on Saturday.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start of IS ceremony to assist with last minute details.
  • Attend LexisNexis awards breakfast on Monday as IS representative.
  • Review the four Awards Committee tips documents and send any revisions to the Exec liaison for approval.

Drafted June 2007 by Kathleen Gallagher, 2006-2007 IS Awards Committee Chair


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