IS Awards Ceremony Tip Sheet

The IS Awards Ceremony takes place during the first 15-20 minutes of the IS Program at the ALA Annual Conference. With the IS Chair serving as master of ceremony, the three IS awards – Innovation, Dudley , and Publication – are presented to their recipients, and the corporate sponsors of each award are gratefully acknowledged. The purpose of this tip sheet is to outline tasks associated with the ceremony and the basic sequence of events (before, during, and after), and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the four persons involved: the IS Chair, the IS Awards Committee Chair, the Dudley Committee Chair, and the ACRL Awards Program Officer. Its aim is to establish shared expectations that help to ensure a smooth program befitting the prestige of the IS Awards and the honor due the award recipients. It is arranged in broad chronological order.


  • ACRL Awards Program Officer orders the Publication and Dudley plaques after verifying accuracy of text with IS Awards Committee Chair. LexisNexis prepares and brings the Innovation plaque.
  • ACRL Awards Program Officer notifies award winners and corporate sponsors of date, time and place of IS Awards ceremony. Requests that all arrive 10 minutes early to meet IS Chair and Dudley Committee Chair to iron out last minute details.
  • LexisNexis contacts Innovation Award winner and IS chair, extending invitations to dinner on Saturday and awards ceremony & breakfast on Monday.
  • IS Chair passes Lexis-Nexis breakfast invitation to IS Awards Committee Chair, who is expected to attend as the former’s proxy. (The breakfast conflicts with the annual Monday morning meeting of the IS Executive Committee, over which the IS Chair presides).
  • Awards Committee Chair provides blurbs on Innovation and Publication Award winners to IS Chair.


  • ACRL ships plaques to ALA Office in Convention Center.
  • Awards Committee Chair picks up plaques from the ACRL table in the ALA Office and brings to Awards ceremony on Sunday.
  • IS Chair attends LexisNexis dinner, at time and place designated by LexisNexis, on Saturday evening.


  • IS, Dudley, and Awards Committee chairs arrive 10 minutes early to meet and greet sponsor reps and award winners and make brief preparations.
  • IS Chair MCs: Opens ceremony; introduces LexisNexis and Emerald reps; briefly describes winning project and publication and presents plaques to winners. LexisNexis and Emerald reps hand recipients their checks.
  • Dudley Committee Chair introduces Elsevier rep; describes accomplishments of Dudley Award winner and presents plaque. Elsevier rep hands recipient his or her check.
  • Dudley winner speaks briefly.
  • IS Chair concludes ceremony.


  • LexisNexis holds annual awards breakfast, attended by Innovation Award Winner(s) and Awards Committee Chair.

Note on Dispensation of Award Checks

Award Sponsors (Emerald, Elsevier and LexisNexis) determine the dispensation of checks, which is subject to change from year to year. The ACRL Awards Program Officer serves as the primary point of contact with sponsors, however, and communicates details on this matter as they become available with the chairs of IS, the Awards Committee, and the Dudley Sub-committee. With some regularity, dispensation has been handled as follows:

  • Elsevier (Dudley sponsor) sometimes mails check to ACRL in advance of the conference, sometimes brings it to the IS Awards ceremony themselves; in the former case, ACRL then mails the check to the IS Chair.
  • L exisNexis (Innovation sponsor) brings check to the IS Awards Ceremony, but takes it back after the ceremony so it can be presented to the winner again at LexisNexis’ own awards breakfast.
  • Emerald (Publication sponsor) sometimes mails the check to ACRL in advance of the conference, sometimes brings it to the IS Awards ceremony themselves; in the former case, ACRL then mails the check to the IS Chair.

">Drafted June 2007 by Kathleen Gallagher, 2006-2007 IS Awards Chair


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