Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

Instruction Section Activities 2003-2004

Keith Gresham, Chair
May 13, 2004

Strategic Goal Support

Goal 1: Society recognizes the contributions that academic and research libraries and librarians make in higher education, scholarly communication, and civic development.


Awards Committee

  • coordinated the IS Awards process for the Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award, the Instruction Section Publication of the Year Award, and the Innovation in Instruction Award. Due to a lack of suitable nominations, the Innovation Award will not be given this year. Two Publication Awards will be given, one for a book and one for an article.
  • revised description and criteria of IS Innovation Award and submitted to IS Executive Committee for approval.
  • investigated increasing the monetary amount of the Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award from $1000 to $3000; award sponsor Elsevier will attempt to implement increase in 2004/2005.

Goal 2: Academic librarians advocate for public policy, legislation, and institutional change that enhance the values and contribution they make to learning, teaching, and research.


Research and Scholarship

  • investigating possible questions to suggest as additions to National Survey of Student Engagement.

Goal 3: ACRL is an inclusive organization serving academic librarians and other information professionals in related professions.


Local Arrangements Committee, San Diego

  • arranged the IS dinner for the Midwinter conference. Dinner was held at the Harbor House Seafood Restaurant at Sea Port Village in San Diego. The dinner cost $36.50, which included the ACRL processing fee of $1.00.

Local Arrangement Committee, Orlando

  • arranged the IS dinner for the Annual conference 2004. Dinner is scheduled to be held at Dan Marino’s Town Tavern Restaurant, located about three blocks from the Convention Center. The dinner will cost $35, which includes the ACRL processing fee of $1.00.

Goal 4: Academic and research librarians are continually engaged in learning for their professional development and growth.


Conference Program Planning Committee 2004 #1

  • planned and will execute and evaluate the IS program for the 2004 Annual conference in Orlando. The program title is The Price of Success: Affording Information in an Uncertain Academic Economy. The program will employ a panel format to address the allocation of scarce academic resources for information literacy programs at both library and institutional levels.

Conference Program Planning Committee 2004 #2 (Research Workshop)

  • planned and will implement a half-day free conference workshop at the 2004 Annual conference in Orlando. The conference workshop is about conducting research to advance the IS Research Agenda. The planning committee has identified and confirmed speakers; developed publicity and promotional materials for use throughout spring 2004; confirmed ability to establish pre-workshop listserv to enhance communication among workshop speakers, facilitators, and participants; confirmed assistance by members of IS Research & Scholarship Committee; and identified program handouts/materials to be prepared. All 75 spaces within the workshop were filled by the registration deadline of April 30, and a waiting list of more than 25 names has been compiled.

Conference Program Planning Committee 2005

  • planning the IS program for the 2005 Annual conference in Chicago. Discussion of topics was initiated at the Midwinter meeting of the committee.

Education Committee

  • mounted results of 2003 Continuing Education Needs and Interests Survey on web site.
  • planned for the future of the "Continuing Education Calendar," which has only been sporadically maintained. A variety of schemes for updating the calendar have been tried and none have been very satisfactory. The committee agreed at Midwinter to suspend publication of the page and in its place maintain a list with links to "Sponsors of Continuing Education Programs for Library Instruction."

Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee

  • working on a proposal for a panel presentation at ACRL National 2005 on the committee's recently completed bibliography.

Management of Instruction Services Committee

  • reviewed, made recommended changes, and submitted the document entitled "A Guide to Analyzing Your Teaching Environment" to IS Executive Committee. IS Executive Committee transferred responsibility for document from committee to Executive Committee.
  • hosted the Bright Ideas discussion session at Midwinter 2004, The session was entitled "Make 'em Want to Teach: Getting and Keeping Librarians Excited about Instruction."
  • planning for the Bright Ideas discussion session for Midwinter 2005. The session will focus on the first-year experience.
  • planning to unveil the MIS website by the 2004 Annual conference.

Membership Committee

  • worked with the Education Committee and IS of the Future Task Force to coordinate the Midwinter Discussion Forum for the Midwinter meeting in San Diego.
  • reviewed and completed a revision of "Tips for IS Dinner" document; IS Executive Committee subsequently approved document.
  • looking into question of whether IS should sponsor an conference reception in lieu of a conference dinner for section membership.

Preconference Program Planning Task Force 2005

  • working on the preconference program for the 2005 Annual conference in Chicago. The task force presented a program proposal on the topic of Instructional Design: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies, which has been approved by both IS Executive Committee and by the ACRL Board.

Research and Scholarship Committee

  • providing committee members as small group facilitators at the IS Workshop in Orlando, which will feature the IS Research Agenda.

Teaching Methods Committee

  • planned and implemented a brainstorming session at Midwinter 2004 entitled "Tackling Standard #4: How Can We Help Students Use the Information They Find?". Sixty-one individuals attended, and 41 provided feedback to the question of what would they do differently or what would they take away with them.
  • working on a brainstorming session for Annual 2004 that will likely focus on Standard #5.

Goal 5: ACRL is a national and international interactive leader in creating, expanding, and transferring the body of knowledge of academic librarianship.


Emerging Technologies in Instruction Committee

  • conducting two rounds of reviews for the Internet Education Project (IEP) to increase the number of materials in the database. Committee completed the first round of reviews shortly after Midwinter. Thirty-nine projects were submitted, and nine projects met the selection criteria. New projects have been added to the IEP database and all submitters have been contacted with the results. The next round of reviews is on schedule.
  • surveying creators of accepted Internet Education Project sites in order to provide instruction librarians with details on how online instruction materials are developed. The results of the survey will enhance the IEP database by including background information on the development of accepted projects. Surveys were sent to accepted projects from the Summer 2003 round and to newly accepted sites.
  • profiling one recently accepted project each month in order to increase awareness of the Internet Education Project; post profiles to ILI-L and the committee web site.
  • beginning a project entitled InfoTech Tips and Trends that will focus on one technology each quarter and post a message/discussion question to ILI-L and the committee web site.

ILI-L Listserv Administrator

  • working with ALA tech support to transfer BI-L listserv archive (predecessor to ILI-L) from BUBL server to ALA server and incorporate alongside ILI-L archive.

Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee

  • completed the revision of the "Instruction for Diverse Populations Bibliography", which has been reviewed, approved by IS Executive Committee, and posted on the IS web site. A major publicity campaign has begun. The committee has agreed upon and is developing documentation for ensuring a revision of the bibliography every two years.
  • maintaining and promoting the "Multilingual Glossary"
  • investigating possibilities for partnering with - or at least serving as a referral point - to other organizations within ALA and ACRL that are devoted to diversity issues.

Research and Scholarship Committee

  • revising bibliography of articles relevant to the "IS Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy" based on IS Executive Committee feedback.
  • creating and publishing brochure containing text of the "IS Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy" for use at various venues.
  • published more than 3 articles in the library literature about the "IS Research Agenda".

Teaching Methods Committee

  • gathering links and citations to information literacy standards specific to academic disciplines that have been developed by accrediting agencies, professional associations, and institutions of higher education. Originally intended to be an annotated bibliography of web sites and print materials from the disciplines that discuss effective library/research assignments, it will now be a Type 2 publication in the form of a web-based linked list of information literacy competencies and standards from organizations and associations in the disciplines. This change was made at the behest of the IS Executive Committee. A feedback mechanism will be included.
  • working on an update of the "Teaching and Learning Information Literacy Skills: Textbooks for Students and Instruction Librarians", a web-based document. This ongoing project includes reviews of information literacy books for use by instruction librarians in their teaching and reviews of student textbooks which librarians may choose to use in for-credit information literacy courses.
  • updating existing records of the Classroom Control Systems web-based document, looking for new software, and adding a features table for each program.

Goal 6: ACRL is an effective and a dynamic organization that continually enhances its capacity to create its future and assess and improve its performance in carrying out its mission.


Communication Committee

  • working on "Tips for Selecting Section Volunteer Positions" to guide the section in selecting and recommending for appointment four volunteer positions (ILI-L List Administrator, Newsletter Editor, Committee List Administrator, Web Site Administrator).
  • re-organizing and updating "Annotated Bibliography of Publications By and About the Section". Bibliography has been re-organized from subject to chronological order, and subcommittee is currently gathering citations from 2001-present for update.
  • advertised, screened and recommended candidates for Newsletter Editor and ILI-L Listserv administrator.
  • exploring and recommending methods to regularly collect and report web server data and ILI-L listserv activity. Subcommittee currently listing which type of data can be reported as well as which data is significant to collect.

Education Committee

  • working with the section web site administrator to move the committee web pages to the IS site on the ALA server. Pages have been formatted in the ALA template.
  • updating the web page entitled "Library Instruction Courses offered by ALA-Accredited Library Schools." Committee members checking and validating all of the courses currently on the list and checking each school for courses introduced since the last update.
  • updating the annotated bibliography of instruction-related publications in the library literature. Committee chair is gathering information on the history of this publication to determine the intended scope of the bibliography and whether it duplicates any other section bibliography.

Emerging Technologies in Instruction Committee

  • renamed the Internet Education Project to PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online. New name has been approved by IS Executive Committee.
  • working on creating a PRIMO logo, pending information from ACRL regarding guidelines.
  • investigating possibility of migrating the PRIMO database from an institutional server to the ALA server. Before Midwinter, the co-chairs submitted a document to IS Executive Committee describing the technical needs for the database. Executive Committee discussed the document, and committee is awaiting further information from ACRL regarding ALA server capabilities.

IS of the Future Task Force

  • co-hosted Midwinter discussion forum in order to solicit membership feedback about organization and structure of section.

Information Literacy Web Site Task Force

  • oversaw redesign of the ACRL Information Literacy Web Site
  • reviewed and made recommendations about long-term development and support of ACRL Information Literacy website. Task force submitted final report to IS Executive Committee recommending that responsibility for web site be transferred to Institute for Information Literacy Executive Committee. IS Executive Committee approved recommendation.

Membership Committee

  • created survey to gather information on why members drop out of the Section and/or rejoin the Section.

Nominating 2004 Committee

  • solicited nominations for Vice-chair/Chair-elect, Member-at-Large, and Secretary; reviewed nominations; added names to the list from committee members' knowledge and experience; submitted slate and all requested information about the candidates and the ballot to the ACRL office, meeting or exceeding all of their deadlines.

Planning Committee

  • collected and compiled measurable objectives from each IS Committee before Midwinter and Progress Reports after Midwinter.

Policy Committee

  • reviewed and approved the revised "IS Publication Policies and Procedures Manual", which was subsequently approved by IS Executive Committee and mounted on the IS web site.
  • analyzing the ALA policy on open meetings (both physical and virtual) and assessed its impact on section bylaws in order to make recommendations on how best to incorporate/disseminate this information on the IS web site.
  • investigating ACRL policies on section endorsements; awaiting feedback from ACRL staff.


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