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Strategic Plan Implementation
Units’ Activities 2002-2003

Activities Summary Form

Date: 4/17/2003
Unit Name: Instruction Section
Contact Person: Trudi Jacobson
Phone: 518-442-3581

Strategic Goal Support

Goal 1: Society recognizes the contributions that academic and research libraries and librarians make in higher education, scholarly communication, and civic development.


Awards Committee:

Select the winners of the Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award, the Innovation in Instruction Award and the Publication Award.

Goal 2: Academic librarians advocate for public policy, legislation and institutional changes that enhance the values and contributions they make to learning, teaching and research.


Education Committee:

Conduct Library School Survey and track number of instructional programs offered in graduate programs. (long-term goal)


Complete the revision of the Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries. (short-term goal)

Goal 3: ACRL is an inclusive organization serving academic librarians and other information professionals in related professions.


Instruction for Diverse Populations:

Collaborating with other committees with similar charges. It was brought up at Annual in Atlanta that there are many other groups within ALA that serve diverse populations and that there is no formal mechanism involving this committee with those groups. For that matter, these groups do not need to be in the United States, we could aim for early contact with Canadian groups or committees within their organization that could be approached before we meet in Toronto in 2003. (long-term goal, short-term goal)

Research and Scholarship:

Assist the IS Preconference Program Planning 2004 Task Force in planning a preconference for Annual 2004 on Research. The program idea is to provide help for people who have ideas but need information and assistance to get going. (long-term goal)

Enhanced Web Site Task Force:

Explore ways for IS members to participate in section activities electronically. Explore and investigate feasibility of offering involvment opportunities of interest to IS members, including access to exclusive content. (short-term goal)


Monitor and increase Section membership (long-term goal)

Goal 4: Academic and research librarians are continually engaged in learning for their professional development and growth.


Conference Program Planning 2003:

Conference Program Planning 2003 is undergoing a project to plan and implement the Instruction Section's annual program in Toronto, 2003. Our project is to have 4 librarians from different countries share their experiences with and plans for Information Literacy. It is titled -- "Information Literacy: International Perspectives." Emphasis will be on current and changing theories and practices. (short-term goal)

Conference Program Planning 2004:

To begin the preliminary planning of the IS program to be presented at the 2004 Annual ALA Conference in Orlando. (short term goal)


Evaluate level of use of the Committee’s Library Instruction Annotated Bibliography to determine whether it should be continued. (long-term goal)

Management of Instruction Services:

MIS will host the Midwinter Discussion Forum in Philadelphia in January 2003. (short-term goal)

Several years ago MIS was charged with the development of a document for managers of instruction programs. Under past chairs, the direction of the document shifted from the original charge. The document was submitted as a "Toolkit for Developing Skill Areas for Instruction Librarians" to the IS Executive Council and was met with many good suggestions and a reminder of the original charge. The committee will revise the document in light of the comments and have a completed document to turn in by Annual 2003. (short-term goal)

The latest draft of the "Toolkit" document described in Project #2 included several sections that will not be appropriate in the revision. Those sections might be enhanced and developed as another document produced by the committee designed to deal with issues such as assessment and the implementation of training plans. (long-term goal)

Preconference Program Planning Task Force, Toronto 2003:

To plan the ACRL/IS Preconference Program for 2003. The program will focus on outreach and instruction for four target populations: Gen Y, international students, distance learners and adult students. (short-term goal)

Preconference Program Planning Task Force, Orlando 2004:

Plan and implement a relevant and timely pre-conference program in Orlando in 2004. (short-term goal)

Research and Scholarship:

Identify other projects to increase awareness and use of the Research Agenda. (long-term goal)

The specific projects for this goal have been identified. They are:

  1. ACRL Institute for Information Literacy: Members will discuss informally with the Immersion Institute faculty about the possibilities for incorporating the Research Agenda into the curriculum. Members who have gone to the Immersion Institute will discuss the Agenda on that listserv once it is published. Using the Committee’s suggestions, the chair will write a letter to the Dean of the Immersion Institute faculty in Spring 2003.
  2. Listserv promotion: An announcement with a link to the Research Agenda on the web will be submitted to a list of listservs in Spring 2003.
  3. The letter written to the Immersion faculty will be modified to sending to a list of journal editors with a request that an editorial be written about the agenda.
  4. Pending available funding from IS/ACRL, a brochure or other publication will be developed to advertise the Agenda.

Teaching Methods:

Plan and implement brainstorming sessions at ALA midwinter 2003 and ALA Annual 2003. (short-term goal)


Review the Instruction Section’s previous publications for update. (long-term goal)

Goal 5: ACRL is a national and international interactive leader in creating, expanding and transferring the body of knowledge of academic librarianship.



Oversee the Midwinter IS Forum at Philadelphia. (short-term goal)

Offer assistance with Instructionally Correct: Views on Education for Librarians as Educators 2003 ACRL program. (short-term goal)

Emerging Technologies in Instruction:

In order to provide instruction librarians with models of excellent instruction materials the committee will conduct two rounds of reviews for the Internet Education Project (IEP) to increase the number of materials in the database by Annual 2003. (long-term goal, short-term goal)

Conduct a survey of accepted IEP sites in order to provide instruction librarians with details on how online instruction materials are developed. The results of the survey will enhance the Internet Education Project database by including background information on the development of projects accepted in 2001/2002 and the Midwinter 2003 review by Annual 2003. (long-term goal, short-term goal)

In order to make instruction librarians more aware of the Internet Education Project, create a logo for accepted sites and promote the project through listservs, IS Newsletter and other means by Annual 2003. (short-term goal)

Instruction for Diverse Populations:

Finish IS Bibliography for library instruction for Diverse Populations (long-term goal)

Research and Scholarship:

Publish the Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy on the IS Web site and in C & RL News. Put notices in the IS Newsletter and other relevent publications. (short-term goal)

Host a panel session at the ACRL National Conference in April 2003 on the Research Agenda. (short-term goal)

Teaching Methods:

"Effective Discipline-Based Library Assignments in Information Literacy"

This is a project first proposed and initiated by the 2000-2001 Teaching Methods committee. It will be a Type 2 publication in the form of a web-based annotated bibliography of web sites and print materials from the disciplines that discuss effective library/research assignments, along with supporting links to Information Literacy competencies and standards from organizations and associations in the disciplines. A feedback mechanism will be included. Suggestions from Executive have been incorporated into the original proposal for resubmission, and Appendix E will be appended. This document will require annual updating. (short-term goal)

Update "Teaching and Learning Information Literacy Skills: Textbooks for Students and Instruction Librarians" web-based ACRL/IS document.

This ongoing project includes reviews of Information Literacy books for use by instruction librarians in their teaching and reviews of student textbooks which librarians may choose to use in for-credit Information Literacy courses.

Classroom Control Systems web document update

Our Classroom Control Systems web-based document has been outdated for over a year. Originally, this document provided librarians with basic information about classroom control systems and contact information the software/hardware manufacturers. This year we will essentially start from scratch by updating information on companies still in business and add new companies in this market to our list. (short-term goal)

Goal 6: ACRL is an effective and dynamic organization that continually enhances its capacity to create its future and assess and improve its performance in carrying out its mission.


Executive Committee:

Approved the establishment and charge of the IS of the Future Task Force.


By Annual 2003, the committee will update the Annotated Bibliography of Publications by or About the Section with citations from 2001 and will revised the structure of the document to make it easier to locate relevant citation. (short-term goal)

By January 2004 the committee will identify which individual or committee is responsible for each page of the Instruction Section's Web site and will label the pages accordingly. (long-term goal, short-term goal)

By Annual 2003 the committee will complete and report on a web usability study being conducted that is aimed at improving the navigation and organization of the Section’s web site. (short-term goal)


Overhaul committee web page. (short-term goal)

Convert the Continuing Education Calendar from static html format to a database-driven format. (long-term goal)

Instruction Manual Publication Task Force:

The task force will examine the current IS Publication Policy and Procedures Manual and identify needed revisions, additions, and deletions. We will also check to ensure that the manual conforms to all appropriate ALA and ACRL policies and procedures. (short-term goal)


To complete and launch the new IS web pages that were begun by the previous committee. The prototype for these pages may be found at: goal)

Create a Membership Committee homepage. (short-term goal)


The Nominating Committee operates to ensure that there is strong leadership in place to help IS meet all the directions in the strategic plan. (short-term goal)


The Planning Committee will collect and compile measurable objectives from each IS committee before the Midwinter Meeting and Progress Reports after the Midwinter Meeting. (long-term goal)

The Planning Committee will undertake a review of the training materials for planning on the IS website and revise as necessary. (short-term goal)

Revisit the charge to survey each IS committee chair for potential benchmarking statistics and provide feedback to Advisory and Executive Committees on the feasibility of compiling such statistics. (long-term goal)


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