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Instruction Section Activities 1999-2000

Strategic Goal Support

Goal 1: Provide development opportunities for academic and research librarians and other library personnel that enhance their ability to deliver superior services and resources.


The Think Tank III Task Force held a month-long "virtual" think tank experience that made use of a variety of Web-based communication technologies, including threaded discussion forums and real-time electronic discussion rooms. Within the Think Tank III Online forum, participants were invited to view in-process draft copies of the think tank papers and leave questions and comments for the authors andother online forum visitors. Summaries of public comments obtained during the online forum will be included along with participant papers in the official record of Think Tank III, to be published in 2000.

The Revision of the Model Statement Task Force is revising the current Model Statement published by the ALA/ACRL/BI Section published in Read This First: An Owner's Guide to the new Model Statement of Objectives for Academic Bibliographic Instruction (1991). The revision is being conducted in accordance with the 1998 Final Report of the Model Statement of Objectives Task Force with a targeted completion date of June 30, 2001. The Model Statement has been used extensively by instruction librarians and is in need of revision that will align it with the standards promulgated by the ACRL Information Literacy Standards Task force. A draft of the revised Model Statement will be posted on the Section's Web site and a public hearing on the draft will be held at ALA Annual, 2000.

The Education Committee and Teaching Methods Committee co-sponsored a Midwinter Discussion Forum entitled "Share Your Teaching Toolkit: Best Practices in Library Instruction." This program provided instruction libraries with a professional development opportunity in the form of an "active learning" experience in which they shared their expertise and learned from each other about successful teaching strategies.

The Learning To Teach Virtual Task Force is using WebCT, a Web-based course management tool, to translate the content of the 1997 and 1998 "Learning to Teach" Preconferences into a Web-based experience.

The Preconference Program Planning 2000 Task Force organized "Library Instruction on the Web," a preconference to be held at ALA Annual, 2000. It will focus on using Internet technology to deliver instruction and will address issues connected with learning theory, distance education, information literacy, instructional design, and subject content.

The 2000 Conference Program Planning Committee is co-sponsoring with AASL a program entitled "Instruction for First-Year Students" for the Annual conference in Chicago.

The Emerging Technologies in Instruction Committee is developing documents that define, explain, and provide examples of uses of emerging technologies in order to assist educators who are considering or have already started integrating them in their courses. The committee has acquired full responsibility for the Internet Education Project Web site. This ongoing project provides a valuable means of resource sharing for instruction librarians around the country by providing easy access to exemplary instruction sites throughout the world. The committee plans to expand the Internet Education Project by incorporating detailed technology "profiles," which would describe technologies used to create and deliver instruction via the sites selected for inclusion in the IEP. These profiles will serve to enhance the value and usefulness of the IEP site for instruction librarians. The committee is also revising the organization and layout of the IEP Web site.

The Teaching Methods Committee will revise the "Evaluation Criteria for Good Web-Based Library Instruction" and sample tutorials list. This committee will also create an annotated bibliography of articles and books on designing effective library assignments. This will be posted on the Teaching Methods Web site and will include a link to LOEX's site where additional information can be found.

The Local Arrangements Committees (San Antonio & Chicago) provide networking opportunities for new and experienced instruction librarians at the IS Dinners during the Midwinter and Annual conferences. A total of 106 people attended the Midwinter Dinner.

Goal 2: Collaborate with other professional organizations and associations of higher education in order to promote mutual interests.


The Education Committee is conducting a phone survey to all accredited library schools in the US and Canada. The survey results will be used to create a directory document on the Web of those schools that offer a formal library instruction course in the curriculum.

Goal 3: Maintain at the national level a prominent role in planning and decision-making for influencing information policy.


Goal 4: Ensure that ACRL's operating environment provides efficiency in its use of resources and effectiveness in the delivery of services to its members and constituent units.


The Membership Committee is following up on the dropped-membership survey conducted by the committee in 1998. The first draft of a revised instrument had been distributed for discussion. Membership is investigating acquiring section membership data from ACRL and conducting regular analysis of that data by geographic location and displayed in a graphic format. Analyzed data could then be compared to other data sets such as committee volunteer information, dropped-membership data, new-member data, etc. A redesign of the IS brochure is ongoing. The current brochure content and design will be reexamined to assess its usefulness.

The Communication Committee prepares and disseminates the IS Section Newsletter, enhancing communication among members.

This year the committee will developed a position description for the Newsletter Editor and published the position on the IS Web site. Clarifying the responsibilities in the job description assisted the section in recruiting a new Newsletter editor, who will assume responsibilities after ALA Annual, 2000. The committee investigated hosting Web pages created by IS committees on the IS Web site and recommendedagainst it at this time. The IS section publishes a number of documents, in a variety of formats, many of which require subsequent revisions. The Communications Committee will update the "IS Publications Policies and Procedures Manual," clarifying the various Section publications categories and the processes for creating, approving, and disseminating those publications.

The Research and Scholarship Committee will finalize and publish its committee Web page.

The Continuing Education and Education for Library Instructors Committees merged into the Education Committee. The Web sites of both committees have been combined to form a cleaner, more useful site that does not duplicate efforts and information.

The 2000 Nominating Committee produced a slate of candidates for the Instruction Section according to ACRL/ALA guidelines. For the greater convenience of members and to encourage nominations, the committee designed a Web-based nomination form that was published on the IS Web site.

The 2001 Nominating Committee will submit a slate of candidates for the Spring 2001 election. The committee will also organize the committee procedures binder for increased usability and to serve as a record of past nominating committee considerations.

As part of the goal to revise the Section's planning process, the Planning Committee will train both incoming and current section chairs on writing measurable objectives. Training will be provided at Annual and materials will also be provided at the IS Web site. In addition, the Annual Planning and Midwinter Update forms will be revised to allow chairs to report their measurable objectives. To assist committees with evaluating the success of their activities, the Planning committee will identify and compile historical statistics of Section activities. Planning will also take responsibility for drafting a revision of the Instruction Sections' Strategic Plan, to keep it in compliance withACRL's recently revised Strategic Plan.

The Policy Committee is reviewing the section by-laws for procedures dealing with vacancies in the section leadership. They are also reviewing the Preconference and Conference Program Planning manuals for needed additions or revisions.

The Education Committee created guidelines which define the criteria and process for adding and maintaining annotations to the Education Committee's annotated bibliography. The process will be tested over the spring of 2000.

Activities in support of diversity: Identify any activity that your unit took part in during the year that supports diversity.


The Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee is working on an annotated bibliography of library instruction publications related to diverse populations for the Section Web site. After its completion, the committee will distill the main features derived from the completed bibliography to create a single-page tip sheet for instruction librarians. The committee also plans to develop the bibliography into a chaptered book or handbook for publication.

Other activities your unit may have undertaken.


Carol Collier Kuhlthau was chosen by the Awards Committee to receive the Miriam Dudley Instruction Award, which recognizes leadership and influence in academic library instruction. Bonnie Gratch Lindauer was selected to receive the IS Publication Award for her article "Defining and Measuring the Library's Impact on Campus-wide Outcomes." The Awards Committee has selected the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) to receive the IS Innovation in Instruction Award. This award recognizes achievement in the design and execution of library instruction activities. The Committee also worked with a representative of CIS to revise the Innovation Award wording and include a cash reward for the winners. CIS has agreed to provide a $3000 award.

The Research and Scholarship Committee will conclude their investigation into the possibility of offering an award for the best dissertation addressing library instruction/information literacy. They will also look into creating a "research agenda for library instruction and information literacy" similar to the College Libraries Section's research agenda for college librarianship." Such an agenda might provide a framework for encouraging scholarly and practitioner research in library instruction and information literacy. An additional goal of the committee is to complete and disseminate the Library Instruction and Evaluation/Assessment Bibliography, which will serve as a resource for librarians developing assessment plans for their instruction programs.


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