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Instruction Section 1998-99

Submitted by Mary Jane Petrowski

Goal 1: Provide development opportunities for academic and research librarians and other library personnel that enhance their ability to deliver superior services and resources.
Current Activities:
  • 1999 Midwinter Discussion Forum, "Are They Learning What We’re Teaching?", sponsored by the Continuing Education and Research and Scholarship Committees, was attended by 193 people (s.d. 1.1)
  • The Learning to Teach Preconference was offered for the third time at the 9 th ACRL National Conference in Detroit on April 8, 1999. This event was attended by 94 participants. (s.d. 1.1)
  • The Section also presented a panel session at the 9 th ACRL National Conference on April 10, 1999, "Distance Learning/Connected Learning to Information Literacy: An Instruction Section Assessment of Critical Issues and Section Efforts," that was attended by approximately 40 people. (s.d. 1.1)
  • 1999 Annual Conference Program, "Nothing But Net: Understanding the Digital Library User," will be co-sponsored the Distance Learning Section and feature two students, three librarians, and a poster session. Session will explore research implications for library instruction and showcase innovative responses to the instructional needs of digital library users. (s.d. 1.1)
  • 2000 Preconference Program proposal, "Library Instruction on the Web," approved by the Executive Board at Midwinter. Planning is well underway for the Chicago event. (s.d. 1.1)
  • 2000 Annual Conference Program proposal, "Instruction for First-Year Students," will be submitted for to ACRL in April for approval. (s.d. 1.1)
  • Instruction Section Dinner at Midwinter attracted 84 attendees, and provided a delightful setting for librarians to informally share ideas, experiences, and mentor new members. A second Dinner is planned for New Orleans to honor Section Award winners and Think Tank III participants. (1.4)
  • The Awards Committee selected recipients for the 1999 Publication of the Year Award and Innovation in Instruction Award. These awards promote study, research, and publication relevant to academic librarianship (s.d. 1.5) as well as support sharing innovative ideas and expertise (s.d. 1.1).
  • 1999 Initiative Fund Proposal, "Building a Research Database Using Retrospective Job Ads for Instruction Positions," is intended to promote study, research, and publication relevant to academic instruction librarianship. (s.d. 1.5)
  • The Teaching Methods Committee will complete two web-based publications by Annual including, "Teaching and Learning Information Literacy Skills: Textbooks for Students and Instruction Librarians," and a directory of classroom control system vendors. (s.d. 1.1)
  • The Awards and Nominating 2000 Committees are developing online nomination forms to increase membership participation in their activities. (s.d. 1.4)
  • The Executive Committee worked with ALA Director of Chapter Relations and Membership Relations to obtain agreement and and approval from ALA and ACRL to add "Instruction" as a "Principal Area of Work" to ALA membership and membership renewal forms. (s.d. 1.4)
  • The Education for Library Instructors Committee has reviewed the IS publication Learning to Teach and recommended that it be revised. (s.d. 1.1)
  • Two issues of the IS Newsletter were published and distributed to members in print and via the web. (s.d. 1.1)
  • The Learning to Teach Virtual Task Force will translate the content of the 1999 Learning to Teach Preconference into a web-based product. (s.d. 1.1)
  • The Membership Committee is preparing recommendations for conducting a dropped-member survey on a regular basis to better understand and monitor changing membership needs. (s.d. 1.4)
Goal 2: Collaborate with other professional organizations and associations of higher education in order to promote mutual interests.
  • 1999 Initiative Fund Partnering Proposal, "Webcast 200: An ALISE/IS Partnership Proposal to Link Professional Development Events with Library School Curricula," will determine if conference programming can be usefully integrated into library school curricula on an ongoing basis thereby extending the life of professional development efforts by using Internet technology. (s.d. 2.1)
  • 1999 Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award recognizes leadership and influence within higher education organizations as well as efforts to enhance and expand the library’s role as central to the academic endeavor. (s.d. 2.0)
  • The Emerging Technologies in Instruction Committee continued to support the ACRL/CNI Internet Education Project by assisting in the identification of innovative instruction websites, maintaining an Internet repository for identified sites, and by publicizing the availability of this web-based resource. (s.d. 2.2)
  • The Section has a designated representative on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Information Literacy in order to support the development of this new initiative. (s.d. 2.2)
Goal 3: Maintain at the national level a prominent role in planning and decision making for influencing information policy.
  • Think Tank III (to be held in New Orleans, June 25, 1999) will bring together six teams of academic librarians and distinguished educational technologists to explore developments in technology as they relate to information literacy and to establish an agenda of issues to be addressed with regard to technology and learning in academic libraries. More than 70 nominations were received for 12 slots. (s.d. 3.3)
  • The Revision of the Model Statement Task Force is coordinating its work with the ACRL Information Literacy Standards Task Force to insure that the new IS guidelines support and enhance the more general guidelines for information literacy. (s.d. 3.4)
  • The Education for Library Instructors Committee will publish "Strategic Options for Professional Education" on the Section web site to facilitate the work of the Congress on Professional Education. (s.d. 3.3)
Goal 4: Ensure that ACRL’s operating environment provides efficiency in its use of resources and effectiveness in the delivery of services to its members and constituent units.
  • The Communication Committee published Section committee rosters on the web for the first time this year thereby eliminating the costs associated with compiling a print directory. The web rosters will be updated on a monthly basis to maintain currency. (s.d. 4.6)
  • The Planning Committee implemented new web-based annual planning and evaluation procedures. The new procedures incorporate long- and short-term plans, progress reports, and links to the Section strategic plan. (s.d. 4.6)
  • The Learning to Teach Virtual Task Force has submitted an article to American Libraries, "Meeting Virtually," to assess the feasibility of virtual committee work using course management software. (s.d. 4.6)
  • The Policy Committee prepared revisions to the Section bylaws to clarify how section business is conducted at conference meetings and to remove confusing language regarding Section elections. (s.d. 4.5)
  • After a year-long study, the Section has combined two committees (Continuing Education and Education for Library Instructors) into a single committee (Education Committee) effective immediately after Annual Conference 1999. (s.d. 4.1)
  • The Communication Committee is recruiting a List Adminstrator who will create and maintain listservs for any Section committee who wishes to have one. (s.d. 4.6)
  • The Communication Committee has selected a new Web Administrator for 1999-2001 who will be responsible for migrating the Section web site after Annual. (s.d. 4.6)
  • The Policy Committee will publish a Preconference Program Planning Manual on the Section web site. (s.d. 4.6)
  • To guide future officers and committee chairs, the Executive Committee developed "Tips for Section Chairs Scheduling ALA Conference Meetings", "Timetable for Incoming Chairs", and "Tips for Making Appointments". (s.d. 4.1)
  • The Planning Committee continues work on a new prototype for Section review. (s.d. 4.2)
  • To eliminate problems associated with the Section web site, the Communication Committee has researched ISPs and recommended that the Section register a domain name for the site. (s.d. 4.6)
  • To insure that all web documents are properly maintained and archived, the Executive Committee is preparing a detailed inventory of web page ownership, maintenance schedule, and archival responsibility. (s.d. 4.1)
Activities in support of diversity: Identify any activity that your unit took part in during the year that supports diversity
  • The Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee began work on an annotated bibliography, "Getting Started: Library Instruction for Diverse Populations, a Selective Bibliography".
  • The Membership Committee began work on developing strategies to recruit more volunteers from the Section’s college and community college membership (both sectors are under-represented on our committees).
  • The Membership Committee also started work on a larger project to analyze Section membership based on ALA data in order to determine membership by geographic location and type of institution. The committee plans to compare this data with committee volunteer data, dropped membership data, and new member data.
  • The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect is now responsible for preparing an "Appointment Cycle Report" that analyzes appointments by gender, experience, geographical distribution, and type of institution. This report is posted on the web.

April 29, 1999


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