Tips for Reviewing the Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians & Coordinators

Checklist for Reviewing ALA Standard Documents, based on the review process of the Task Force for Review of the Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators, February 21, 2014


  • Charge a committee or task force to review the standards.
  • Assign an IS Executive Committee liaison to the task force.
  • Convene an initial discussion among task force members about experiences with the current standards related to members’ knowledge of the field and current trends, as well as classroom and institutional experiences.
  • Review relevant literature in the LIS field, the wider field of education, and potentially, other relevant subject areas.
  • Consult relevant ALA standards.
  • Consult relevant disciplinary and accreditation standards, if necessary.
  • Develop the major foci for suggested revisions.
  • Develop more detailed suggestions within the major foci as necessary.  Provide illustrative examples if helpful.
  • Draft narrative which explains the overall context for the recommendations, the nature of recommended revisions, and why such revisions are suggested.
  • Submit narrative recommendations to liaison.