Tips for Miriam Dudley Instruction Award

A nominator may choose to nominate someone for the award without notifying the nominee. When the Dudley Award Subcommittee receives a nomination, they should contact the nominee for their permission to be considered for the award and to request a current copy of their vita. It is important to keep in mind that the nominations are completely confidential, including names of nominees and nominators, letters of nomination, as well as consideration comments by Awards Committee members.

Nominations from previous years will not be retained; however, the Dudley Award Subcommittee chair should pass on a list of names and contact information for strong candidates (and their nominators) to the incoming Dudley Award Subcommittee chair. The incoming chair will contact the past nominator(s) of the strong candidates to encourage them to submit an updated version of the nomination letter.


JULY (After the Annual Conference)

  • The incoming Awards Committee Chair should ensure the ACRL Awards page is updated with the new deadline and new chair's contact information.  Note: the award deadline is set by ACRL and should not be changed.
  • ACRL will send a packet of materials about general awards processes to the Dudley Award Subcommittee Chair.
  • The IS Past Chair forms a small subcommittee within the IS Awards Committee, usually three members including the IS Past Chair, simply to consider Dudley Award nominations.


  • Publish the call for nominations on the IS web site, the IS Newsletter (fall issue), C&RL News (September issue) and other appropriate venues.
  • Solicit nominations from all current IS Advisory and IS Executive members via Advisory and Executive email lists
  • Post the call for nominations to pertinent library email lists (e.g., ILI-L, INFOLIT-L, LIRT-L, COLLIB-L, ULS-L, WESS-L, ANSS-L, STS-L, and LES-L ).


  • The Dudley Award Subcommittee will review the list of strong candidates from the previous year’s pool of candidates. The subcommittee will contact the past nominator(s) to encourage them to submit an updated version of the nomination letter.
  • As nominations arrive, the subcommittee will contact the nominee for their permission to be considered for the award and to request a current copy of their vita.
  • Conduct another round of publicity if a quality pool has not been identified by late October.


  • After the award deadline, send ACRL the number of nominations received and the names of the nominees for their records.
  • Send copies of all nominations to the subcommittee members for individual review.
  • Schedule a conference call with the subcommittee members during virtual Midwinter.  The subcommittee may request to schedule their committee meeting after virtual Midwinter (but before in-person Midwinter) if needed, to allow sufficient time to review the nominations before the meeting.


  • ACRL should send Award committee chairs a Media Profile form to be completed with information about the award recipient.  If you have not received this form before Midwinter conference, contact the ACRL Program Coordinator to request the form.


  • Notify the IS Awards Chair and IS Chair with the name of the Miriam Dudley Award recipient, and announce this selection at the Executive Committee during the Midwinter Conference. [The IS Executive Committee does not approve the recipient of the Dudley Award]. Remind everyone that the selection is to remain confidential until ACRL issues the press release.
  • Consult the guidelines for Section Awards provided by ACRL for specific deadlines for the current year.  Generally, the deadlines are:
    • During Midwinter: Notify the ACRL Program Coordinator of the name of the award recipient.
    • During (or immediately after) Midwinter: Call the award recipient to notify and congratulate them.
      • Obtain information for the Media Profile form
      • Ask the recipient to email you a photo (with a resolution of at least 300 dpi) to be included with award publicity
      • Remind the recipient that their selection as the award recipient must be kept confidential until after ACRL issues the press release (which may happen several weeks after Midwinter conference)


  • Prepare  the Media Profile form for the award recipient as instructed by ACRL for publication in C&RL News, Section web site, and elsewhere. Send a draft to the award recipient to review and ask for a digital photograph. Check with the recipient regarding local media contacts for the announcement. Send the completed Media Profile form to the ACRL Program Coordinator by the stated deadline.
  • Notify all non-selected candidates that they were not selected for the award.
  • Send thank-you letters to all nominators. Encourage nominators of strong candidates to send an updated nomination letter the following year.
  • Coordinate publicity announcements with the Awards Committee chair so that all awards can be publicized as a group on ILI-L and the Section web site.


  • Send brief descriptive article (or a link to the ACRL press release) to IS Newsletter Editor for spring issue.  When the spring Newsletter is published, confirm that the article about the Dudley award winner is included in the Newsletter.
  • Confirm award recipient can attend the Annual Conference. Alert the Award winner about the location of the IS Soiree and send him/her RSVP contact information.
  • ACRL will have the plaque made and sent to Annual. The Instruction Section will reimburse ACRL for the cost of the plaque.


Plan to bring or ensure that someone else will have a digital camera to take photographs of the ceremony.

  • Be sure to notify the award recipient as soon as arrangements are made of the exact time, place, and date of the Award presentation.
  • Prepare very brief introductory remarks regarding the Award recipient to be delivered at the IS conference program at Annual. Make arrangements to pick up the plaque and check from ACRL before the award ceremony at Annual (note: the IS Chair or Vice-Chair may be able to pick up the check during the ACRL Leadership Council meeting).


  • Host Dudley Award winner during IS Soiree. The Dudley Award winner will be announced and toasted at the IS Soiree.
  • Facilitate photographs.
  • Introduce the award recipient at the ceremony preceding the IS Conference Program. (IS Chair presents the Rockman and Innovation awards, and introduces the Past-Chair to present the Dudley Award).


  • Confirm that photographs are sent to Dudley winner, as well as the chair(s) of the Awards committee and the IS Chair.
  • Write and submit the Dudley Award Subcommittee Annual Report.
  • Send a list of names and contact information for strong candidates worthy of future consideration (and their nominators), as well as other important materials to the IS Past Chair who will chair the next Dudley Award Subcommittee.


Created: May 1998       

Revised: 1999, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012

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