The First-Year Experience & Academic Libraries: An Annotated, Select Bibliography

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Each year the Teaching Methods Committee selects new titles and writes reviews to add to the Core Collection and Additional Resources sections of The First-Year Experience and Academic Libraries: An Annotated, Select Bibliography which was originally prepared as part of the Association of College and Research Libraries First Year Experience Task Force in September 2004.

Project Steps

  • Chair and interested committee member(s) will lead this project; all committee members will be involved in the work.
  • Chair will provide all committee members with the latest version of the bibliography for review.
  • Committee members will search for new titles and submit them to project leader(s), who will compile new titles in a list.
  • Project leader(s) will assign titles to committee members to review and then write annotations.
  • Committee members will submit their titles and annotations to project leader(s).
  • Articles that are not part of the core collection will be assigned to a sub-topic category: assessment, case studies, collaborative initiatives, FYE-specific courses, online tutorials, outreach, pedagogy, peer training, related research, strategies for integration. Committee members will include the sub-topic with their annotation.
  • Project leader(s) will compile the new titles and annotations, and Chair will distribute this draft to all committee members for review.
  • After review and approval by Committee, Chair will submit new titles and annotations to the Executive Committee liaison for approval by the Executive Committee.
  • When Executive Committee approval is received, new titles and annotations will be incorporated into the bibliography web page by a committee volunteer. The new content will be forwarded (as html) to web administrators to upload to the Teaching Methods web pages.
  • The success of the project is measured by the completion of updates, approval by the Executive Committee, and uploading new content to the Teaching Methods web pages.

Title Selection

Criteria for selecting titles for the Core Collection section

  • Must be a published work
  • Must address the history of library involvement in the first-year experience and/or current practices in first-year experience collaborative programming that involves libraries
  • Should serve as foundational reading for anyone interested in the integration of information literacy instruction into a first-year experience program

Criteria for selecting titles for the Additional Resources section

  • Must be a published work
  • Must build on the works included in the Core Collection by elaborating on specific aspects of information literacy instruction for first-year students
  • Must provide example(s) of effective integration of information literacy into first-year experience or first-year student instruction program models

Suggested Databases to Search

  • Library Information Science & Technology Abstracts
  • Library Literature & Information Science Full-Text (also known as Library Literature)
  • Academic Search Premier
  • ERIC


Criteria for writing annotations:

  • Must include a specific description of the practices, program, or model addressed in the work
  • Address what the article emphasizes, investigates, concludes
  • State whether the author(s) includes any appendices (e.g., worksheets, assignments, rubrics)
  • Must relay the importance of the work (i.e., why it has been selected for the bibliography and/or its importance to the field of instruction librarianship)
  • Keep the annotation brief and descriptive, approximately between 50-120 words

Citation Style

  • Must use latest edition of Chicago style (author-date system)
  • Examples Using Chicago Style 16th Edition (author-date system)

    Gilbert, Julie K. 2009. “Using Assessment Data to Investigate Library Instruction for First Year Students.” Communications in Information Literacy 3 (2): 181-92.

    Hardesty, Larry, ed. 2007. The Role of the Library in the First College Year. Charleston, SC: University of South Carolina National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience & Students in Transition.

    Updated May 2012

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