Tips for the IS Committee List Administrator


Table of Contents:

    Background Information

Position description of IS List Administrator:

The ACRL IS List Administrator serves a two-year term and is responsible for maintaining the Section’s closed mailing lists as well as the Section’s committee rosters on the Web, under the general direction of the IS Executive Committee and through close consultation with the IS Web Site Administrator and the Communication Committee chair. The IS lists are crucial to maintaining communication within the Advisory Council and the Executive Committee.

For a full description of the Web Site Administrator's responsibilities see Committee List Administrator Position Description.

Purpose of these web pages:

These web pages are designed to provide the List Administrator with information necessary to perform his or her responsibilities. These pages include a step-by-step guide to creating and managing the lists, including a list of listservs to be created, the list settings, suggested text for the welcome message, ongoing responsibilities, and troubleshooting information. These pages will be updated by the List Administrator as needed.


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