Tips for Successful Publication or Project Proposals

  • Consult closely with the committee’s Executive Committee liaison in the drafting of the proposal and completion of form(s) through all revisions and iterations. Review this document and the publication proposal flowchart. Confer with the committee’s Executive Committee liaison to determine what level of review and approval will be necessary for the planned publication/project, and which forms, if any, must be completed for further consideration.

  • Review the Publication Proposal Archive and check with the committee’s Executive Committee liaison to ensure that a planned publication/project does not already exist.

  • Ensure that a proposed project or publication is aligned with the committee’s charge and goals. Refer to the committee’s annual planning form and indicate clearly how the proposal fits into the committee’s work objectives.

  • Review the appropriate proposal form to determine what information is required to describe and explain the planned publication/project. In particular, consider the following questions:
    • What strategic goals are being addressed by the planned publication/project?
    • Who is responsible for doing what and when?
    • Does the action plan for the publication/project address all concerns stipulated in this manual and/or ACRL publication guidelines?
    • Will the publication/project have a defined end, or will it require future review and revision?
    • Who will be responsible for future review and/or revision and when?

  • After you have gathered the necessary information, fill out the appropriate proposal form completely; respond thoughtfully to each area.
  • Submit all proposals to your Executive Committee liaison.

  • Allow sufficient time when submitting your proposal, especially for projects that are time-sensitive or that must be completed before a meeting or conference. Consider the average turnaround time for receiving a response to your proposal (see: “How to Submit a Proposal for Review”); also allow time for edits that may be requested by the Executive Committee or ACRL.

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