Lifecycle of a Project or Publication: Planning for Revisions

It is necessary to discern if a proposed project/publication will require future updates and/or revisions.  This concern is also revisited when a committee is revising an existing document or project.

When a publication is proposed or reviewed, the responsible committee must consider the publication’s lifecycle based on its anticipated and/or past use. Specifically, the following contingencies must be considered and planned for:

  • How long will the publication’s topical focus be relevant?
  • How long will the publication’s specific content be relevant?
  • Will the publication’s content require revision in the future, and why?
  • How frequently should the publication be reviewed for relevancy, accuracy, and comprehensiveness based on the publication’s subject matter?
  • What conditions would indicate that a document should be retired?

A publication proposal should explicitly address each concern and identify the committee or person(s) responsible for future review of or revisions to the document.  The review period for publications that need to be updated or revised are specified in the Publication Proposal Archive.

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