Additional Tips for Publication Proposals

  • Use the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style as the authority for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and style. Use its Author-Date System (also called Style B) for citations.

  • Consult with the Executive Committee liaison before making any major or minor changes to a document. The liaison can determine whether the planned changes may be approved by the liaison or if Executive Committee (or ACRL) approval will be needed.

  • Track changes to the text if revising a previously published document or if revisions are made in response to comments by reviewers. Helping reviewers easily recognize changes simplifies and expedites the approval process.

  • All committee members should carefully proofread a document before submitting it to the committee’s Executive Committee liaison. Also, check that the publication draft matches the scope and inclusion criteria established for the document through the publication proposal and any other documents (such as tip sheets) that define the publication.

  • Documents should include an update and an approval date.

  • Final copies of committee projects or documents must either reside in an ALA supported workspace, such as ALA Connect, or be in a commonly used format, such as HTML, PDF, or Word, so they can be loaded easily into the IS website. Committees must ensure that final copies are converted to an acceptable format, as appropriate. (from

  • Consider that ACRL has the first publication option on all work prepared for publication by an ACRL unit (including the Instruction Section). According to the ACRL guidelines, a work “may take the form of news articles, journal articles, bibliographies, directories, monographs, databases, survey results, pamphlets, cassettes, software, and the like.” Consult Chapter 13: Publications of ACRL's Guide to Policies and Procedures for more information. 

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