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What to Expect from ACRL

ACRL staff are responsible for contractual arrangements with the conference hotel for room rates, arrangements for room reservations, food functions, space allocation, complimentary room assignments, and in consultation with the program committee, meeting room requirements. They also handle advance registration for preconferences.

Any solicitation of gifts or financial support must be approved in advance by the ACRL Executive Director and the ALA Development Office " ALA Donor Coordination". All official arrangements made for the preconference must be confirmed in writing to avoid possible confusion later and to provide back-up support in case of discrepancies.

An associate executive director of ALA must sign all official arrangements involving any funding and/or contract or agreement. ACRL staff will coordinate the preparation of all letters of agreement, contract, purchase orders, and other obligations and make sure that the proper signatures are secured. ACRL has current information regarding policies for preconference and conference program planning on the web.

ACRL Staff Responsibilities

  • Recommend program proposals to ACRL Board

  • Prepare final budget

  • Negotiate contracts (facilities, food, services, speakers)

  • Secure ALA approval for all contracts and maintain files

  • Review brochure content

  • Provide administrative support for the planning committee

  • Implement registration process

  • Monitor budget

  • Review and clear potential sponsors

  • Acknowledge all donations and maintain records

  • Confirm program planning timetable

  • Publicize program

  • Mail brochures

  • Prepare handouts

  • Send out guest speaker agreement letters

  • Provide onsite management for program

  • Announce event on ACRL homepage

  • Work with Program Planning Committee to secure conference site


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