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On Site Arrangements


At least three members of the program planning committee should be available on-site. They should go to the program site the day before the program. Walk through (as if you were a program attendee) each phase of the program to identify any problem areas. Locate the rooms where the program will be held and notice any problems in finding them. Note the locations of restrooms and telephones so that they can be announced at the program. If there are problems with the rooms, try to get them addressed immediately.

On the day of the program, get to the site EARLY – at least 1.5 hours before the start of registration. Ensure that there is enough time to set up the registration site, review the room arrangements, audiovisual equipment, and heating/air conditioning levels. If there are problems, deal with them immediately. Have on hand the telephone number of ALA Conference Services and the conference services office of the program site.

Personnel and activities:

  • Depending on what work has been done beforehand, committee members may be collating the packets.

  • One or more committee members will be designated to help with on-site registration activities. ACRL may also have a conference staff member available to help with registration. Check with ACRL approximately two weeks before the program to find out whether a staff member will be there.

  • One or more committee members should be responsible for assisting speakers in getting to their rooms and ensuring that their needs are met.

  • One committee member can be responsible for making phone calls or running errands if necessary.

  • One committee member should be responsible for checking on food and beverage services. With a written copy of the order in hand, any discrepancies should be reported to the hotel as soon as they are identified.

Supplies to have on hand:

  • It is helpful (even if only psychologically) to have a program survival kit onsite. Items to include: tissues, aspirin, cough drops, mints, extra pens, extra paper, scissors, tape, duct tape, stapler, post-it notes, paper clips, and coins for telephone calls.


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