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Room Reservations

  • Every effort should be made to hold preconferences in the same city as the ALA Annual Conference or Midwinter Meeting, and in facilities under contract by ALA Conference Services. College campuses may be considered as preconference locations if use of such facilities provide the necessary services, audiovisual, computer, etc., at the same or lower costs as the ALA facility, provide access to specialized facilities or collections, or is predicted to increase registrations. Such sites must provide for housing on campus or in close proximity that will not require busing unless offered by the campus.

  • Room requests are submitted by IS chair on ALA Conference Services Form. Due date for requests is usually October 1 for the annual conference.

  • Information needed is: size of room (e.g. for general meeting, poster sessions, breakout sessions, etc.), seat arrangement (theatre, head table, podium, small table, etc.), and audiovisual needs . At conference programs a table will be set up near the entrance for the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will provide staff and materials for distribution at the table.

  • Separate requests must be submitted for each room needed. This is important if breakout rooms are required.

  • If more than one room is needed, the IS Chair will want to note (emphatically) on the form that the rooms must be adjacent or in close proximity. After notification of the room assignments, the Committee Chair will want to follow-up with a phone call to verify that this is the case. When the preconference chair arrives at the conference site, a preliminary check should also be made to verify location.

  • If the preconference is held at an ALA hotel or at the convention center, costs are paid by the ALA general conference budget.


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