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Section Chair Responsibilities
  • Inform the Executive Committee of program focus and format (for annual conference) after the second program planning committee meeting (at Annual).
  • Obtain Executive Committee comment on and approval of the preconference program proposal before it is submitted to ACRL for approval (19 months prior).
  • Submit room requests for committee meetings and program space to ALA Conference Services Office.
  • Send copies of program space requests to program planning chair(s).

Chair Responsibilities

  • With the IS chair, select committee members
  • Schedule and chair Program Planning Committee meetings
  • Serve as principal contact with ACRL staff
  • Assign tasks to committee members
  • Develop and monitor program planning timetable
  • Make initial contact with potential sponsors after consulting with ACRL staff
  • Issue invitation to program presenters
  • Develop program announcement text and send to the Section Chair for Executive Committee review.
  • Review all program materials
  • Direct the activities of the committee
  • Develop and refine budget
  • Coordinate conference duties with Membership Committee Chair, Awards Committee Chair and Communication Chair
  • Present summary report as specified (including suggestions for revising this manual).
  • Send written thank-you notes to the presenters and committee members
  • Write update for the " Instruction Section Annual Programs: 1978-Present" or " Preconferences, Postconferences, and Think Tanks" and send to IS Chair.

Duties of the Program Planning Committee

  • Define and develop program scope, goals and objectives
  • Develop program format
  • Identify target audiences
  • Determine length of program
  • Define scope of program content
  • Select program title
  • Identify and approach potential presenters
  • Identify potential corporate sponsors
  • Develop publicity strategy (brochure, press release, news articles, listservs, Section website)
  • Determine conference space and location needs
  • Determine program presenters' needs
  • Develop and implement evaluation form
  • Tabulate evaluations and prepare report of results


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