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Program Products: Audiotapes and Publications


Considerations for deciding if programs should be taped:

  • How well did IS tapes sell in the past? While the tapes are not moneymakers for ACRL, we do not want to lose money on them. The break-even point is approximately 10-12 tapes. Each program consists of two cassettes per program for $24.

  • Is the topic of interest to a wide audience? Will IS members or others who could not attend the program want to buy the tapes? Will attendees want to buy the tapes to preserve the program for personal or professional use?

  • Will the speakers be selling points?

  • Will the format translate well to an audio recording to make good listening?


  • For each conference, ALA selects programs for audiotaping the tapes are sold to offset the taping and reproduction costs. The preconference planning committee should make a recommendation to the IS Executive Committee at the Midwinter meeting prior to the Annual Conference if they feel the preconference or annual program should be taped.

  • The preconference or program chair submits the Program Taping Request Form, which ALA supplies. The request must explain why the program is worthy of being taped and who is likely to buy the product.

  • The speaker's release form, supplied by ALA, must be submitted with the taping request.


Programs can be an excellent source for publications. You should consider this possibility early in the planning process so funding can be included in the budget and for donor solicitations. Consult the IS Publication Manual for further information on publishing procedures and timelines.

Potential program materials to turn into publications:

  • Presenter-developed workbooks or useful packet of handouts or exercises

  • Papers presented at the preconference/program

  • Preconference/program topics that can be expanded into a publication by presenters or committee members

  • Poster sessions

When to Publish:

  • Publications can be made available for purchase at the Annual Conference or they can be issued after the Conference. In the latter case, the time lag should not be too great, or the interest level will be diminished.

  • If the publication is to be available at the Conference, the deadline for the program chair to have copy in hand is the preceding November.

  • If the material is to be published after the conference, a suggested deadline for the program chair to have the finished copy is April preceding the conference.


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