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Follow Up After the Event

  • The Planning Committee should review the program evaluations and discuss what went well, what should have been done, how well procedures went, etc. It would be good to do this at the conference, but if this is not feasible, the review should take place soon afterwards.

  • Be prepared to briefly report at Advisory meeting (first Advisory for preconference and second Advisory for annual conference program)

  • The Planning Committee Chair should send thank-you notes to all speakers and presenters.

  • Where appropriate, speakers should be sent reimbursement forms for hotel and food and, for non-librarian speakers, for travel expenses. Do this even if forms have been sent to them previously. The reimbursement forms must be returned to the IS chair by August 1 to meet the ACRL deadline.

  • The Planning Committee Chair should prepare a summary report on the preconference/conference program and submit to the incumbent IS chair, immediate past chair and Policy Committee Chair. See Attachment 9.

  • The Planning Committee Chair, as part of the report, should note revisions, if any, for the Preconference/Conference Program Planning Manual and include relevant forms, letters and other samples. The Policy Committee updates the Manual and it is given to the next Program Planning Chair when appointed.

  • The incoming IS chair should obtain a copy of the ACRL final preconference report, which details the income and expenses. This report should be added to the Preconference Planning Manual files.


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