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Planners should strongly consider the advantages of cosponsorship . The ACRL leadership now encourages cosponsorship as an effective means of presenting programs and attracting wider audiences. Sections do not need ACRL Board approval to cosponsor a program in name only. "In name only" is defined as meaning that no ACRL resources, including staff time or space in ACRL publications, would be requested. "In name only" means simply that the ACRL name will be used in conjunction with the hosting unit's promotions. If you are in doubt about a cosponsorship request, contact the ACRL staff liaison. Cosponsorships that commit ACRL resources require board approval. Cosponsorship requests can come from an outside organization, another ALA division or unit or another group.

Proposals for cosponsorship should be submitted in writing to the ACRL Board, with the following information:

  • Statement of purpose and objectives

  • Description of program content and level

  • Indication of educational methods or materials to be used

  • Identification of the other organizations involved and the nature of their responsibilities, the anticipated benefits to ACRL, proposed mechanism and timetable for evaluating program effectiveness


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