Conference Program Planning Calendar

Manual Table of Contents

Time Task

18 months before
(at first Midwinter Meeting)

  • Planning Committee meets and begins preliminary planning:

Possible topics
Possible speakers
Types of handouts
Appoint any subcommittees and assign responsibilities
Potential co-sponsors

  • IS Conference Program Chair and IS Vice-Chair attend ACRL Conference Program Planning Committee meeting
  • Prepare outline of conference program as draft for proposal to ACRL Board. Due to the ACRL Board, after review by IS Vice-Chair and Advisory Council, in April or May

12 months before (at Annual Conference)

  • IS Conference Program Chair and IS Vice-Chair attend ACRL Conference Planning Committee meeting to discuss program proposal
  • Final selection of speakers
  • If a poster session or invited papers are planned, form a separate subcommittee and make plans for soliciting submissions

Following Annual Meeting

  • Contact speakers and send letters of agreement
  • Send Section Chair information regarding the annual program to share with the Executive Committee

9 months before program

  • Applications due for ALA Special Allocation funding. Notification of decision will be made immediately before Midwinter
  • ALA Conference Services mails out scheduling packets to all program chairs


  • Deadline of October 1 for meeting room request form to be submitted to ALA Conference Services Office by IS Chair. NOTE: This deadline is crucial! ALA guidelines state that no program meetings will be scheduled for an annual conference after October 1 of the year preceding the conference and that the deadline will be strictly enforced.

6 months before Midwinter Meeting

  • Program committee finalizes plans:

Works out final details for program plans and room set up

Reviews assignments for responsibilities

Identifies materials for program packet and assigns preparation responsibility

  • Poster session or invited papers subcommittee makes final selection of participants
  • Send letters of agreement to selected participants
  • Prepare final draft of program flyer and brochure

Immediately following Midwinter

  • Contact ACRL Office to complete any contractual letters for speakers, particularly important for non-librarian speakers who have been offered an honorarium

5 months before Annual

  • Deadline for copy for preliminary annual program to ALA Conference Services (using their form)
  • Send a camera ready or electronic copy of program publicity to IS Newsletter
  • Prepare listserv and web publicity
  • Notify poster session or invited paper participants of their selection
  • Submit requests for guest registration badges for non-member speakers and special guests for the conference to ALA through the ACRL Office

4 months before Annual

  • Deadline for copy for official Conference Program submit final copy if different from preliminary copy
  • Have publicity ready to distribute to ACRL Conference (if held that year), LOEX, and other relevant conferences
  • Submit request for audiotaping (if desired) to ALA through ACRL Office

3 months before Annual

  • Last chance to make any changes in AV arrangements. Program chair submits any changes in AV requests to ALA Conference Services
  • ACRL sends letters of agreement and taping release forms (if necessary) to speakers

1 month before Annual

  • Contact chair of Membership Committee regarding plans for recruitment table
  • Contact chair of Membership Committee to make arrangements to have photos taken during the awards presentation
  • Contact Section chair if flowers desired for podium or speakers attending the IS dinner

  • Coordinate presentation ceremony with chair of Awards Committee and section chair
  • Finalize program handouts
  • ACRL Office notifies chairs whose programs have been selected for audiotaping

At Annual Conference

  • Arrive a day or two in advance to check the program site
  • On the day of the program, arrive early to check room arrangements and set-up
  • Check AV equipment to insure that all requested pieces are there and operational

Post Program

  • Report on program at Advisory Council meeting
  • Submit written report on program evaluation and suggestions for next year to IS Chair no later than July 31 st.
  • ACRL prepares check requests for honoraria and sends to speakers
  • Program Chair writes thank-you notes to speakers and committee members

  • As soon as possible, Program Chair submits reimbursement requests to IS Chair (due August 1 to IS, with August 15 as ACRL deadline)


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