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Conference Program Budget

Funds for conference programs come from the ALA Conference budget, the section budget, and the ACRL budget. In drafting a budget be mindful of the following:

  • Speakers expenses: housing and meals, travel, and honorarium. Note however that it is ALA practice to pay no honoraria or expenses to program participants who are librarians or who work in libraries

  • Conference rooms (paid for by ALA Conference budget if held in an official hotel or the convention center

  • The cost for routine audiovisual equipment (microphones, slide projectors, overhead projectors, VCRs) is covered by ALA Conference Services, provided it is ordered within the stated deadlines

  • Materials, supplies, photocopying, telephone, and postage (usually from the section budget)

  • Other program costs

Note that ACRL does not support any meal or beverage service for conference programs. A sample program budget is included in Attachment 3.

If the routine funding is not adequate, any ALA annual conference program can compete for additional funding from the ALA Conference budget, mainly to support non-librarian speakers' travel and honoraria expenses. Applications for this funding must be made on the "Request for Special Allocation Form" which is mailed out by the ACRL office in August prior to the conference. The due date is usually September 15. Applicants are notified immediately before Midwinter of ALA's decision.

If programs are not funded by ALA, they can be considered for funding by ACRL at the Midwinter meeting. Acting as a committee of the whole, the ACRL Conference Program Planning Committee will select applications for funding based on the following criteria: (a) past program support received by the section or committee, (b) relevance to the ACRL President's theme, and (c) relevance to ACRL's priorities.

The Committee's decision will be based on the "Request for Special Allocation" submitted to ALA. Thus, application for ALA funding is a prerequisite for ACRL consideration.

Consider solicitation of financial support and gifts from vendors and corporations to offset budget costs. Prior to approaching a potential donor, the section must submit a plan to the ACRL Executive Director for approval. See guidelines on ALA Donor Coordination in Attachment 1.


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