Audio Visual Needs

  • The preconference budget will need to include an amount for audiovisual/computer equipment rental, installation, and labor.

  • The costs for standard equipment (microphones, overhead projectors, slide projectors, VCRs) used in a conference program are paid from the ALA Conference budget.

  • Carefully consider what will be required. Are microphones needed for speakers, panelists, or to be strategically placed in the audience for questions? Type of microphones – lavaliere or on stands? Computer and display panel? Overhead or slide projector?
  • Ask speakers what AV equipment they will need.

  • Allocate responsibilities among committee members for assisting with AV equipment during the presentations (putting on overhead transparencies, troubleshooting, etc.).

  • Changes to the original AV request will be accepted if made by May 1. After the Midwinter meeting and follow-up consultation with the speakers, make a final submission if necessary.


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