Responsibility for Archiving Contents of IS Web Site

NOTE: All archiving is assumed to take place only when changes are made to a document and a new version is mounted on the IS Web Site.

Materials for the Archives should be submitted to the IS Secretary in print format.

ALA Conference Information

  • ALA Registration and Hotel Reservation Form - Not archived by IS
  • IS Dinner Form - Archived as part of newsletter
  • Conference Travel Information - Doesn't need to be archived
  • Schedule of IS Meetings - Archived by Web Administrator

Historical Information

  • Instruction Section Knowledge Base - Archived by Communications Committee
  • Section Chairs Past & Present - Archived by Web Administrator

Section Information

  • Section Committees - Archived by Web Administrator
  • Committee Information - Archived by Web Administrator
  • Committee Volunteer Form - Archived by Web Administrator

Committee Pages

  • Emerging Technologies Committee - Archived by committee
  • Teaching Methods Committee - Archvied by committee
  • Continuing Education Needs and Interests Survey - Archived by committee

Section Publications

  • Annual Planning Information - Archived by Planning Committee
  • Annual Report - Archived by Planning Committee
  • Guidelines for Archival Record Retention - Archived by Policy Committee
  • Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries (ACRL Instruction Task Force) - Archived by Web Administrator
  • How can Library and Information Professionals Prepare for their Teaching Role in the 21st Century? - Archived by Education for Library Instructors Committee
  • How to Build Librarian/Instructional Faculty Collaborative Partnerships: Poster Session from ALA Annual Conference 1997 - Archived by Teaching Methods Committee
  • Instruction Section Handbook - Archived by Communications Committee
  • Instruction Section Newsletter - Archived by Newsletter Editor.
  • Instruction Section Strategic Plan - Archived by Planning Committee
  • Multilingual Glossary for Today's Library's Users - Archived by Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee
  • Publication Policies and Procedures Manual - Archived by Communication Committee
  • Resource Checklist - Archived by Policy Committee
  • Timetable for Incoming Committee Chairs - Archived by Section Chair
  • Tips for Making Committee/Task Force Appointments - Archived by Web Administrator
  • Tips for IS Dinner Organizers - Archived by Membership Committee, if changes are made
  • Tips for Section Chairs Scheduling ALA Conference Meetings - Archived by Section Chair
  • Tips for Taking Minutes - Archived by Communications Committee

Section Awards

  • Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award (Winners & Description) - Archived by Awards Committee
  • Innovation in Instruction Award (Winners & Description) - Archived by Awards Committee
  • Instruction Section Publication Award (Winners & Description) - Archived by Awards Committee
  • Special Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation (Description) - Archived by Awards Committee

Site Information

  • About These Pages - Archived by Web Administrator

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