Strategic Plan Implementation Instruction Section Activities 2001-2002

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Beth Woodard, Chair

Strategic Goal Support

Goal 1: Society recognizes the contributions that academic and research libraries and librarians make in higher education, scholarly communication, and civic development.

The Awards Committee recognizes outstanding contributions that academic librarians make through publication, innovation, or sustained personal effort, and advertises these awards to the library communities at large and to the academic community.

Goal 2: Academic librarians advocate for public policy, legislation, and institutional change that enhance the values and contribution they make to learning, teaching, and research.

The Policy Committee is reviewing the Guidelines for Instruction Programs, used by IS members and non-members alike. The Committee is examining the overlap between this and the Best Practices project, and the impact that the Information Literacy Competency Standards has on the Guidelines. The Committee is also examining how the guidelines need to be restated so that measures are identified. They have recommended a full scale rewrite, identifying that a section needs to be added on collaboration with faculty, IT professionals, counseling centers, writing centers, as well as others. The Committee hopes to hold a public hearing on the revisions in 2003.

The Research and Scholarship Committee is authoring a revision to the "Research Agenda for Bibliographic Instruction from 1980, entitled "Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy" to update the content and issues important today and to articulate areas where research is needed; seek approval from the Instruction Section Executive Board and other appropriate entities. (long-term goal)

Goal 3: ACRL is an inclusive organization serving academic librarians and other information professionals in related professions.

The Conference Program Planning committee 2002 worked with the Section Chair and ACRL so that the Section's Strategic Plan and the ACRL President's theme were incorporated into the Program (short-term goal)

The IS program was scheduled on Sunday afternoon to avoid competing with the LIRT program that is typically held that morning. Because both sections are celebrating anniversaries this year, the Chairs are planning a joint reception that will be held between the two programs. (short-term goal)

With the demise of BI-L, the Instruction Section implemented a new listserv entitled Information Literacy Instruction-Listserv hosted on the ALA server, serving the needs not only of the section, but also of the over 3000 listserv subscribers in over 35 nations with interests in instruction in information literacy and libraries. The Communications Committee is overseeing this venture.

The Education Committee will plan and organize a discussion forum and submit a proposal for it to be held at ACRL 2003. The panel will include both practitioners and graduate school faculty working in the area of library instruction to come and discuss how graduate school can better prepare students for career in library instruction (long-term goal)

The 2002 Preconference explored "Instruction for First-Year Undergraduate Learning Communities," including transfer student needs and high school experiences. Individuals in the academic community concerned with freshman experiences, high school librarians, and community college librarians' concerns were addressed.

The Research and Scholarship Committee have been soliciting suggestions from members of the Instruction Section and other interested parties in academia and in library and information science related to content for the "Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy" document. (short-term goal)

Goal 4: Academic and research librarians are continually engaged in learning for their professional development and growth.

The Executive Committee approved appointing a task force to create a webcast from video taken at the 2001 Preconference, "How to Keep from Glazing Over When You Hear the Word Assessment"

The Conference Program Planning Committee planned and executed the Section's annual conference program for the 2002 annual conference. (short-term goal)

The Education Committee identified educational opportunities for practitioners, educators, and students, and publish these opportunities on their Web site in the form of the Continuing Education Calendar. (long-term goal, short-term goal)

The Education Committee oversaw the Midwinter discussion forum at New Orleans by promoting the discussion forum in the IS Newsletter, C& RL News, and BI-L, by creating promotional flyers for Midwinter, and by evaluating the forum. (short-term goal)

The Education Committee conducted a survey of continuing education needs and interests of instruction librarians. (short-term goal)

The MIS committee is in the process of developing a web site, that will include notes and bibliographies from all of the Bright Ideas discussions, an up-to-date general bibliography of articles related to management of instruction programs, a timeline of the committee, and other links to help managers of instruction programs do their jobs.(long-term goal)

Bright Ideas brainstorming sessions are held once a year, at midwinter, focused on a specific management topic, with anyone who is interested invited. A bibliography is handed out on that subject, and notes are taken, and posted on the MIS web site. (long-term goal)

The Nominating Committee solicited, screened and nominated two candidates for each of the following positions: Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary, and Member at Large. (short-term goal)

The Planning Committee prepared and submitted a proposal to present a workshop on writing objectives for the 2003 ACRL Conference

The Pre-conference Program Planning Task Force, Toronto 2003 planned and implemented the IS pre-conference program for 2003 in Toronto. (short-term goal)

The Research and Scholarship Committee developed a list of potential future research forums, publications, or projects that build upon the Research Agenda and address issues mentioned at the ACRL Discussion Forum last year. (short-term goal)

Goal 5: ACRL is a national and international interactive leader in creating, expanding, and transferring the body of knowledge of academic librarianship.

The Internet Education Project (IEP) of the Emerging Technologies in Instruction Committee is a database of peer reviewed instructional materials. The IEP contains resources that are selected to showcase examples of instructional materials that are designed for teaching functional aspects of information literacy in a networked environment. The IEP is an ongoing project with a cumulative product. The database is located at (long-term goal)

The Emerging Technologies Committee is developing an IEP Resources Survey to gather additional information about the resources people used to create and develop the works that are accepted into the IEP. Specifically, the committee would like to ask project authors what was necessary to make their project successful (e.g. time, money, labor, hardware, computer applications, etc.). This information will be added to the IEP database to inform others as to what resources are needed to develop digital instructional materials. (long-term goal)

The Committee is also creating and administering an Instruction Technology Survey. Etech promotes and facilitates the use of emerging technologies in instruction. The Committee serves as a resource and information-sharing vehicle for people who use electronic technologies in instruction. The committee will solicit data about what information technologies IS members are using in their work. Results from this survey will be used to develop a clearinghouse of resources that define, explain, and provide examples of the technologies that people use to develop and deliver library instruction. The resulting resources will help educators who want to explore, are considering, or have already started integrating newer digital technologies into their teaching. (long-term goal)

Emerging Technology is also developing concise and helpful informational documents about different technologies found to be useful in instruction to be called Techne for Teaching Resources. A survey of what technologies instruction librarians are using will inform the committee as to which technologies to develop documents for first. The other name for this project has been IT Short Sheets. (long-term goal)

The Management of Instruction Committee is writing a guidebook for developing instruction skill areas for Instruction librarians. This will be a workbook for institutions wanting to develop a set of skills standards for their own instruction librarians. It will include examples, definitions, checklists, etc. (long-term goal)

The Policy Committee held a discussion at Midwinter 2003 Advisory Committee on the future of IS publications, exploring options for revising past successful publications and garnering suggestions for new ones and gathering ideas for new formats.

The Research and Scholarship Committee prepared and submitted a proposal to present a panel on The Research Agenda for the 2003 ACRL Conference

The Teaching Methods Committee is maintaining these continuing projects:

  1. Teaching and Learning Information Literacy Skills: Reviews of Textbooks for Students and Instruction Librarians;
  2. Classroom Software Control Systems: Collect, update, review classroom control software systems that may be used by instruction librarians to teach library instruction and information literacy;
  3. Tips for Developing Effective Web-Based Library Instruction. Recently completed (2000), this is a brief listing of practical tips for designing web-based library instruction. (long-term goal)

Effective Library Assignments Bibliography. This project was originally begun last year and named "Looking Outside Librarianship" because the committee and the group working on it want the bibliography to include effective library assignments designed not only by librarians but by subject faculty as well. This is an effort to show evidence of "collaboration" evidenced by the idea that we are all after the same goal, (we all row in the same boat). When completed, the bibliography will include an introduction describing what attributes "effective library assignments" may include and will be followed by the bibliography grouped by subject or discipline. (long-term goal)

The Teaching Methods Committee hosts a Brainstorming Session at every Midwinter meeting. Discussion of topics to be started at Annual and fine-tuned via email over the fall semester. (long-term goal)

"Learning with Laughter: Bringing Humor and Creativity into your Teaching" was the title of this year's Brainstorming Session. The committee developed a bibliography on this topic for use by academic instruction librarians. (long-term goal, short-term goal)

The Teaching Methods Committee expanded the brainstorming session to Annual Conference 2002 with session on IL Competency Standards.

Goal 6: ACRL is an effective and a dynamic organization that continually enhances its capacity to create its future and assess and improve its performance in carrying out its mission.

The Communications committee updated the Annotated Bibliography of Publications by or About the Section with 2001 citations and revised the structure of the document to make it easier to locate relevant citations. (short-term goal)

The committee is identifying which individual or committee is responsible for each page of the Instruction Section's Web site and labelling the pages accordingly. (long-term goal)

The Communication committee has drafted a chapter on Web site administration and Listserv administration for the Section's Publication Manual. (short-term goal)

Instruction for Diverse Populations planned Midwinter 2002 Discussion Forum (short-term goal)

In order to facilitate the Instruction Section's planning process, including committee reviews, the Planning Committee collected and compiled measurable objectives from each IS Committee before the Midwinter Meeting and Progress Reports after the Midwinter Meeting. (long-term goal)

In order to facilitate the Instruction section's planning process, the Planning Committee trained new IS Committee chairs how to write SMART objectives. (short-term goal) As part of an Initiative Fund Proposal, the committee explored moving this to WebCT after receiving WebCT training at Midwinter 2002, and concluded that was not a good application of this tool

In order to facilitate the Section's planning process by providing benchmarks for success, the Planning Committee surveyed each IS Committee chair for potential benchmarking statistics, evaluated the statistics submitted against committee charges, provided feedback to each IS Committee Chair and compiled a list to forward to IS Advisory and Executive Committee by Annual 2002. (short-term goal)

The Research and Scholarship Committee created a recommended plan for ongoing promotion and maintenance of the "Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy." (short-term goal)

Instruction for Diverse Populations continued to revise the bibliography on Instruction for Diverse Populations and submitted to Exec.

Local Arrangements held dinners at Midwinter and Annual Conferences to fill the needs of members to interact with others, to recruit new members, and to recognize award winners and past leaders.

Membership Committee updated the membership brochure for Annual 2002.

The Planning Committee revised the planning timetable to begin earlier to facilitate transition between outgoing and incoming committee chairs.


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