1996/97 ACRL Instruction Section Annual Report
Loanne Snavely, Chair

Highlights of the year included ACRL’s decision to select the Instruction Section’s program, "Imagining the Learning Library," as the ACRL President’s Program for 1997 Annual. Five other ACRL sections chose to co-sponsor the program, which was presented to a standing-room only audience.

The Instruction Section developed a new strategic plan, which is better able to meet the needs of library instruction and its role in promoting information literacy, and is closely related to the ACRL Strategic Plan. The Strategic Planning Task Force developed an implementation plan which was presented to IS Executive Council.

In honor of the Section’s 20 th anniversary, a new logo was selected to represent IS. The logo has been incorporated into the design of the newsletter masthead and Web site home page, as well as other IS materials. A special celebration for the 20 th anniversary was also held at the IS dinner, which included many IS past chairs and Dudley Award winners, and an "unveiling" of the new logo.

The Section worked with ACRL to help establish the National Information Literacy Institute as a formal entity, an exciting initiative for reaching a broad range of information literacy goals.


The highly successful 1997 Preconference at San Francisco Annual featured workshops based on the "Learning to Teach: Workshops on Instruction" handbook.

The 1997 Midwinter Discussion forum, "Learning Styles and Diverse Populations," co-sponsored by the Continuing Education and Instruction for Diverse Populations committees, was attended by approximately 80 librarians. Diversity in personalities and learning styles and how teachers need to adapt their instruction were the main topics of the discussion.

The 1997 Midwinter Discussion forum, "Preparing for the Teaching Role for the 21 st Century," was co-sponsored by the IS Education for Library Instructors Committee and the Association for Library and Information Science Education. More than 30 participants exchanged ideas about essential skills for instruction librarians.

Continuing Education Committee worked to develop a Web page designed to include information about continuing education events of interest to the section.

ACRL awarded an initiative fund grant to the Education for Library Instructors Committee to fund their project entitled "An Instructional Resource Package for Library Educators" which resulted in an informational web page and bibliography of resources, as well as a promotional brochure that was widely distributed to library educators and others.

Management of Instruction Services Committee planned the 1998 Midwinter Discussion forum on "Managing the Electronic Classroom: Demands and Expectations."


The Knowledge Base Task Force developed a number of initiatives to increase the usability of IS’s Web site, including editing and updating the Knowledge Bases, creating a comments portion to gather feedback, and including brief sketches of Dudley Award winners.

The Active Learning Sourcebook Task Force continued the work on the active learning cookbook/sourcebook begun by the Teaching Methods Committee.

The first version of the multilingual library glossary was made available on the IS Web site.

Designed to serve international students and scholars using American universities and colleges for the first time, it consists of forty-seven of the most commonly used terms in academic libraries today.

A review article on publications related to BI program management written by Rebecca Jackson, was submitted for publication.

Three IS publications were made available on the IS Web site: Guidelines for Archival Record Retention, Publication Policies and Procedures Manual, and Resource Checklist for Instruction Section Committee Chairs.


To promote membership in and awareness of the Instruction Section, the Membership Committee assigned an IS liaison to both the ACRL Membership Committee and the ALA New Members Round Table.

The Communications Committee updated, published and distributed the IS Membership Directory.

Continuing Education Committee surveyed the membership to determine what continuing education topics were of interest and on preferred methods of delivery. Further responses will be collected and reported on during the 1998 Midwinter meeting.


The IS newsletter continued reach the entire membership in print, but for the first time, it was also made available as an electronic publication on the IS Web site, thus reaching a wide audience and many potential new members.

The Management of Instructional Services Committee worked on the LAMA Regional Institute Proposal, entitled "Instruction Coordinators and their Managers: the Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Successful Instruction Program."

On behalf of ACRL, Emerging Technologies in Instruction Committee developed review criteria and served as the reviewing committee for model Internet instruction materials.


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