1995/96 ACRL Instruction Section Annual Report
Esther Grassian, Chair

What have we, all of us in the ACRL Instruction Section, accomplished this past year? Once again, it has been an extremely productive year for the Section. Our outreach efforts, both to our membership and to other groups and individuals have been quite successful. Now that we have momentum, we must all work hard to maintain and expand it, by continuing to reach out to groups such as ALISE, LIRT, and the New Members Round Table, as well as other groups outside ALA. We can all take pride in the following accomplishments and plans, large and small, which will help our members, and ultimately, our users.


After much hard work and input from members both in-person at a 1996 Midwinter brainstorming session, and remotely via email, the Section has developed a new draft Strategic Plan based on the new ACRL Strategic Plan. Following discussion, revision and approval, we will appoint a Strategic Planning Action Plan Task Force to develop an implementation plan.


Thanks to Mary Jane Petrowski's and Jeff O'Connell's hard work over the past 6-9 months, the Instruction Section now has a web site with an interactive committee volunteer form, conference meeting schedule, information about IS leadership and committees and "Section Handbook".

The Emerging Technologies Committee has put up its own web pages, with a link to the IS/CNI Web site. The site includes a call for participation in the joint project to mount exemplary Internet training materials.

The Policy Committee has put up the "IS Publication Policies and Procedure Manual" and other internal IS documents.

Keith Gresham, incoming IS Newsletter Editor, has put our newsletter up on the Web, making good use of the medium to link to other sites--e.g., web pages of discussion starters at the 1996 Midwinter Discussion Forum.

The Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee has completed initial work on turning its multilingual glossary into a set of web pages. These pages are under review by IS Exec and will soon be ready to be mounted on the IS web site.

The Knowledge Base Task Force is completing extensive work on a history of the Section, including a list of programs and speakers, a bibliography of Section publications, and information by and about Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award winners.

The Continuing Education Committee is developing an interactive survey form to obtain member input regarding future programming and other projects.


In response to suggestions from the 1996 Midwinter brainstorming session, the Instruction Section Newsletter has shifted its emphasis to outreach to the entire IS membership. There are two new columns--"Teaching Tips & Innovations," and "Leadership Notes". Committee reports are now organized in terms of topics and projects, rather than specific committee activities.


Prominent among our outreach successes is the fact that our conference program will be a joint IS/LIRT program, with co-sponsorship in name only, by the New Members Round Table. At this first joint conference program, we will present a joint certificate to Martin Raish, moderator of BI-L.

We have also reached out to LIRT and ALISE, as well as to faculty teaching library instruction courses in library schools. The LIRT President and the outgoing President of ALISE, as well as a library school faculty member (Loriene Roy), attended the Midwinter IS Dinner as our honored guests. In addition, the Education for Library Instructors Committee held the first annual breakfast meeting for library instruction educators and instruction librarians.

ACRL approved an IS initiative grant proposal to develop and distribute informative packets to library schools regarding library instruction in 1997.

Previous outreach efforts to CNI have culminated in the IS/CNI Internet Training Materials Project described above.

The Management of Instructional Services Committee is developing a proposal for a joint IS/LAMA Institute related to management and library instruction.


The IS 1996 Midwinter Discussion Forum, "The World Wide Web as a Teaching Tool," sponsored by the Emerging Technologies Committee drew an overflow crowd.

The 1996 IS Conference Program, "Collaborative Solutions to Technostress: Librarians Lead the Way," will provide theory and techniques for turning this pervasive problem into an opportunity for growth, new partnerships, and new images of librarians.

A proposal has been submitted to replicate the highly successful 1995 IS Conference Program on evaluation at the 1997 ACRL National Conference in Nashville.

The 1997 Preconference Committee will present a preconference at UC Berkeley based on the 1993 IS publication, Learning to Teach. The goal is for attendees to return to their institutions and replicate the workshops.


IS sponsored an article on library instruction and employability, written by Chris Avery and Kevin Ketchner, that was published in the May 1996 issue of College & Research Libraries.

In the works are the Active Learning Sourcebook, Evaluation Handbook, and a review article on literature of management and library instruction.


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