EBSS Committee Structure

EBSS logo

EBSS Executive Committee

Chair (elected)
Coordinate Section
Plan Annual Program

Vice Chair (elected)
Appoint Committee Members

Past Chair (elected)

Secretary (elected)

2 Members-At-Large (elected)
Midwinter Current Topics Discussions

ACRL Liaison
Attends ACRL Board

Publications Committee Chair
Monitor all EBSS Publications

Subject Oriented Committees

  • Communication Studies
  • Curriculum Materials
  • Electronic Resources in Communication Studies
  • Higher Education
  • Instruction for Educators
  • Psychology/Psychiatry
  • Reference Sources and Services
  • Social Work/Social Welfare

Write articles, books
Create Web pages
Plan committee programs, tours, discussion groups, etc.
Tackle problems

Task Oriented Committees 

  • 2 Conference Planning
    Plan Annual Program
  • Distinguished Librarian
    Choose recipient
  • Membership and Orientation
    New Leader Orientation
    Membership Drive
    Plan Social
  • Nominating
    Slate of Officers
  • Publications
    Approve ALL Publications -- articles, books, web pages, Newsletter, etc.
  • ERIC Users Group
    Advise ERIC developers
  • Ad Hoc Committees
    Preform specific tasks, often prepare a publication
  • Advisory Committee
    Report, discuss, advise