Information Competencies for Social Work Students

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Intro || 1. Basic Skills || 2. Research Process Skills || 3. Critical Thinking Skills || 4. Advanced Research Skills || 5. Policy Practice and Advocacy Skills || 6. Professional Organizations and Job Search Resources || 7. Local Resources

2. Research Process Skills

Social Social work students should acquire the essential skills, using both traditional and electronic formats, necessary for the compilation, synthesis, selection, acquisition, and utilization of relevant data critical to the realization of sophisticated, original research results. In order to be able to carry out original research, a social work student should:

  • Recognize that the mastery of the research process goes beyond the assignment at hand.
  • It trains one for an evidence-based practice where the latest findings of social science and medical research can influence practice
  • Recognize the necessity for scholarliness and discipline in research
  • Be able to articulate a research problem that is worth investigating in terms of sensitivity to vulnerable populations
  • Social Problems and Human Services/Social Sciences Solutions on the Internet. Gary McMillan. The Reference Librarian No. 57, 1997, pp. 69-75.
  • Be able to articulate a research problem that is worth investigating in terms of the core ethics and values of social work (social justice, fairness, self-determination, and confidentiality)
  • Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers
  • Define the terms being used to insure clarity and consistency throughout a given assignment
  • Know how to begin to delimit a study; identify the variables and their relationships to establish a hypothesis to focus your research
  • Defining Your Research Topic (University of Calgary)
  • Know how to use current awareness tools such as ISI Corporate Alert Service Information and UnCover Reveal


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