Information Competencies for Social Work Students

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Intro || 1. Basic Skills || 2. Research Process Skills || 3. Critical Thinking Skills || 4. Advanced Research Skills || 5. Policy Practice and Advocacy Skills || 6. Professional Organizations and Job Search Resources || 7. Local Resources

5. Policy Practice and Advocacy Skills

  • Know the reasons to engage in policy reform
  • Know the types of policy reform
    • Government Agency Regulations (Minimum Wage)
    • Needs-meeting Policies (Social Security)
    • Opportunity-enhancing Policies (Head Start, Affirmative Action)
    • Social Services (Child Welfare Services)
    • Referral and Linkage Programs (Case Management Services)
    • Equality-enhancing Policies (Medicaid, Food Stamp Program)
    • Rights-conferring Policies (Civil Rights Legislation and Amendments)
    • Public Improvement Policies (Public Transportation)
    • Economic Development Policies (Empowerment Zones)
    • Asset Accumulation Policies (Income Tax Deducations)
  • Know how to define the stakeholders in a given public policy debate
  • Engage in Public Policy Debate on the Internet


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