EBSS Research Forum History

The EBSS Research Forum began at the request of the representative from the United States Department of Education and ERIC, Christine Dunn, and others. The first meeting, held at the ALA Midwinter meeting in Boston (January 13, 2005), was "an effort to explore the development of a national network of education resources, information and services." More information ...

Current EBSS Research Forum

Past Research Forums - Selected History

2012 Sessions and Presenters

Collage of posters and the presenters from the 2012 EBSS Research Forum

  • Shawna Hellenius and Sherry Youssef, Alliant International University: "Information Literacy Needs Assessment for Incoming Psychology Graduate Students." Three assessments measured students’ knowledge of EBSS Psychology IL Standards and provide insight into the skills undergraduates carry into graduate studies.

  • Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt, American University: “Towards a Deeper Impact: A Critical Survey of New Trends & Resources in Scholarly Communication & Bibliometrics.” This study examines three gradual changes in the landscape of academic research and their impact on librarianship: increased interdisciplinary collaboration, new bibliometric tools, and the development of online peer networks.

  • Kirsten Kinsley and Ted Chaffin, Florida State University: “Success Comes in Three’s:  Partnerships and Precision-matching seek Short- and Long-term Student Success Possibilities." A longitudinal study investigates the short and long-term impacts of collaboration between criminology faculty, librarians and writing center tutors.

  • Todd Shipman, Auburn University Libraries: "Information-Seeking Habits of In-Service Educators." Survey results provide useful information related to information literacy in teacher education.