ACRL/EBSS Publications and Communications Committee

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To monitor and investigate avenues of publication and information dissemination for EBSS-sponsored publications (including traditional and electronic formats) open to the Section;

  • to assume responsibility for the EBSS Newsletter (in all formats) and for overseeing other means of communicating (including the EBSS website, list-servs, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.) with EBSS members and other constituences;
  • to clarify and advise EBSS members on the procedures required by ALA and ACRL for EBSS-sponsored publications;
  • to review all publications developed by EBSS Committees;
  • to provide guidance during the initial planning, funding and publication planning process for all EBSS-sponsored publications in print or electronic formats (including new electronic or traditional formats);
  • to assist the Section and its committees in finding appropriate areas for publishing or information dissemination projects as approved by the EBSS Executive Committee.

Learn more about the activities of the Publications and Communications Committee in the EBSS Manual.

Jodie Borgerding chairs the committee for 2017-2018. The complete Publications and Communications Committee Roster (including previous and next year's appointments) is on the ACRL Web site (sign in required).

The committee provides support for all EBSS publication projects. Among the documents helpful to that process:

Conference Meeting Highlights & Minutes

Committee Posts on ALA Connect