ACRL/EBSS Conference Program Planning Committee

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To plan and stage programs of interest and benefit to members of the Section at the ALA Annual Conference.

Traditionally the EBSS Program Planning Committee has been chaired by the EBSS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. On other occasions the EBSS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect has delegated program planning to the chair of one of the standing or ad hoc committees. Program planning involves following a quite rigid schedule of deadlines and communications with ALA and ACRL. Specific instructions are always sent to the person designated as responsible for the program. Samples of these are available. The Committee is usually composed of three EBSS members.

Learn more about the activities of the Conference Program Planning Committee in the EBSS Manual.

2014 Program Planning Committee:
Scott Collard and Dana Peterman co-chair the committee. The complete Conference Program Planning Committee Roster is on the ACRL Web site (sign in required).

2015 Program Planning Committee:
Alex Hodges chairs the committee. The complete Conference Program Planning Committee Roster is on the ACRL Web site (sign in required).

ALA Annual Programs:
2013: Crossing the K-20 Continuum: Are Librarians Bridging Information Literacy and 21st Century Skills?
2012: Ubiquitous Video: Can libraries offer it? (or Can libraries adapt?)
2011: Millennials and Beyond: Student and Faculty Voices
2010: News Literacy and Preservation: Finding, Using, and Losing the News
2009:  Librarian/Scholar: From Research Questions to Results
2008:  Knowledge Wants to Be Known: Open Access for the Behavioral & Social Sciences
2007:  Empowering Data: Persuasion Through Presentation
2006:  Shaking the Money Tree: Grant Writing for Librarians

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