ACRL/EBSS Communication Studies Committee

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To provide a base of operations for the Mass Communication community of librarians who serve the communications/mass communications fields (including the areas of communications, media studies, advertising, speech communications, broadcasting, journalism and public relations). Goals for the Committee include identifying best practices and resources useful to those in the community as well as addressing current issues that are salient to the advancement of the field. Activities of the committee will include: evaluation and discussion of resources and services, development of activities and programs to improve skills among librarians, and the coordination of liaison activities with other professional organizations as appropriate.

Learn more about the activities of the Communication Studies Committee in the EBSS Manual.

Katherine Boss and April Hines co-chair the committee for 2017-2018.  The complete Communication Studies Committee Roster (including previous year and next year's appointments) is on the ACRL Web site (sign in required).   

Communication Studies Librarians may wish to join the listserv COMLIB-L which is managed by the University of Illinois Communications Librarian.  You may also use the same link to search the COMLIB-L Archives.

Current Projects:
Developing information literacy standards for the discipline.

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