Message from Kaya van Beynen, EBSS Chair for 2016-2017

photo of Kaya

Hi everyone --

With the end of the ALA annual conference in Orlando, the EBSS torch officially passes to the new Executive Committee and to me as Chair for the 2016/2017 year.  I want to begin with a hearty thank you for electing me Chair of EBSS; something I never would have guessed during my first forays into an education library. Back in my school days, if I was home sick, my father, an education professor would take me into work where I’d spend the day reading in the education library. All grown up, I still have big education shoes to fill.  During my time at EBSS, I had the privilege to work with past EBSS Chairs, of Bernedette Lear, Dana Peterson, Scott Collard, Vanessa Earp, and Sally Neal.  I hope that I can equally encourage and promote all of you who engage and improve our section with each committee meeting, discussion group question, or email to the listserv. 

I would like to welcome this year’s Executive Committee, here is a list of officers:

  • Joyce Garczynski, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
  • Bernadette Lear, Past-Chair
  • Ericka Raber, Secretary
  • Yu-Hui Chen, Member-at-Large
  • Jill Morningstar, Member-at-Large

In addition, various people serve in ex-officio roles on the Exec. Cmte.: Chair of the Publications Committee Jodie Borgerding, Newsletter Editor Emily Darowski, Web Editor Sara Memmott, Web Editor Assistant Tina Mullins, ACRL Board Liaison Kim Leeder Reed, and ACRL Staff Liaison Megan Griffin.  "Rolling off" the EBSS Executive Committee are: former Past-Chair Dana Peterson and former Member-at-Large Mary Feeney. Thanks to all for your many contributions to EBSS!

EBSS has new committees and forums to engage.  The newly created EBSS Education Committee will be meeting for the first time in Orlando, as will the newly created Education Research Libraries Discussion Group under the leadership of Christina Cicchetti, will also convene in Orlando for the first time.   ACRL has a new agreement with Springshare providing complementary LibGuides access to ACRL sections; here at EBSS, we are already off to a great start as Heidi Senior,  Damecia Donahue, and Tina Mullins have been working hard to create a set of best practices to standardize tags, naming conventions, and other issues across all the EBSS committees.  If you are interested in using the EBSS LibGuides for your committee, please contact Tina Mullins (  Other ways to participate in EBSS include viewing our Current Topics Discussions (the most recent one is at, writing for the EBSS newsletter, aptly edited by Emily Darowski, or ask and answer questions on the EBSS's listserv. 

In many ways, I view my job as supporting, informing, and enabling your creativity, engagement, and efforts here in EBSS.  Throughout the year, I’ll reach out to you to communicate news or events, or solicit your thoughts on upcoming issues.  Inversely, feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions that you may have (Email:  While I am still learning the ACRL ropes, I’ll do my best to find out and navigate the system for all of us.

And finally, I wanted to end this message with a nod to our pass and future.  Like a fine wine, we are showing our age in all the best ways.  In 2017, EBSS celebrates its 50th Anniversary.  Look to celebrate with us, as the 50th Anniversary Committee plans events, publications, and swag to commemorate the past and look forward to the future. 

So with great appreciation, I say HUZZAH! to you and look forward to a wonderful year.

Kaya, EBSS Chair, 2016 - 2017