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A virtual member of a CLS committee is not required to attend conferences, but is encouraged to do so. The committee work of a virtual member is expected to be done electronically.

  1. After determining how virtual membership will affect the organization and operation of his or her committee, each committee chair decides whether there will be one or more virtual members, up to a maximum of 25%, on the committee. Regarding task forces, additional virtual members may be appointed by the Chair or Vice Chair/Chair-Elect.
  2. Virtual members must have the appropriate hardware, software and technical expertise to communicate electronically with the other committee members. Virtual members may be delegated tasks or responsibilities not required of the other committee members, as determined by the chair. These may include the use of additional components as determined or warranted by the chair, such as chat rooms, etc.
  3. Virtual members must respond to the chair to all messages sent to the committee within the time frame determined by the chair.
  4. If the virtual committee member fails to respond within the time frame established by the chair without a valid reason, the chair should notify the CLS Vice Chair/Chair Elect, who has the option of replacing the virtual member.
  5. A regular member of the committee will be appointed as a mentor to each virtual member. The mentor will communicate regularly with the virtual member at times agreed upon by the two of them.
  6. Training will be provided to chairs as to how to work with virtual members.
Virtual Committee Members Requirements
  • Membership in ACRL and the College Libraries Section
  • Ability to communicate electronically
  • Willingness to work continuously year-round, reporting to the committee chair before the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference
Committee Requirements
  • Complete a substantial amount of committee activities between meetings.
  • Structure activities that allow the substantive contributions of a virtual member.
Examples of possible committee assignments for "virtual members." Actual responsibilities would vary by committee.
  • Organizing a program
  • Serving as committee program liaison by contacting speakers
  • Coordinating outlines/handouts
  • Preparing speakers' biographical sketches
  • Preparing a publication
  • Contacting potential candidates for CLS Office
  • Contacting state support staff groups for recruitment

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