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Every attempt will be made to keep the CLS website in compliance with ACRL website policies.

The CLS website will comply with U.S. copyright law and licensing agreements.

The CLS website will be updated on a regular basis by the Communications Committee. ACRL requires every three months.

All updates and additions to the CLS website will be made with the approval of the CLS Chair or CLS Communications Committee chair.

All updates and additions to the website will be provided to the webmaster in RTF (Rich Text File) format. Exceptions to this format will be negotiated with the CLS webmaster.

A CLS Communications Committee member will periodically (every three months) review the links on the CLS web pages and provide the webmaster with updated information.

If committees, discussion groups, or other affiliated groups of CLS decide to build a website, they should notify the CLS Chair and/or the CLS Communications Committee chair in advance of such intent. Section policy is to have the pages mounted at the CLS website. Exceptions to this can be made only by the CLS Chair after discussion with the webmaster and the CLS Communications Committee chair.

Approved by CLS Executive Board
15 January 2000

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Last Update: 19 October 2010
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