LTA education committee midwinter meeting 2010 minutes

Library Technical Assistant Education Committee

2010 Midwinter Meeting

Sunday, January 17, 2010:  10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

Boston Convention & Exhibit Center, Room #103


Participants:  Carl Antonucci, Lisa Craig-Young, Mary Ann Sheblé


1.  Status of the LSSCP (Library Support Staff Certification Program):  The LSSCP program received ALA approval during Chicago Annual 2009 and is underway. Dave Dowell (CJCLS Library Education Committee members, LSSC Committee member) continues to keep us updated on progress.

2.  Role of the Committee in relation to the LSSCP:   The major work of the Committee over the past 5-10 years has been toward establishing an ALA certification process that would impact library technical assistant education programs.  With that goal accomplished, the Committee needs to redirect efforts.  Meeting participants brainstormed about ideas for moving forward:

Publicity for the LSSCP:  A suggestion was made to feature the LSSCP on the CJCLS website, possibly providing a short description of the program in addition to links to procedures and processes.    American Libraries may be willing to feature a short article about the LSSCP – experiences to date, outline of the program, and similar. Dave Dowell would be the ideal person to submit such an article.  Mary Ann volunteered to approach Dave to determine if he would be interested.  

Position Paper supporting the LSSCP:  In addition to publicity for the LSSCP, groundwork needs to be laid to motivate institutions to apply for course accreditation.   A position paper from the CJCLS Section may be useful in this respect.  Dave Dowell should be contacted for information on experiences to date.

Establish a liaison with the Library Support Staff Roundtable (LSSR):  Work with the LSSR on projects to publicize and support the LSSCP, and to determine if there would be interest in providing continuing education opportunities for support staff through ALA that would be valuable in keeping individual’s LSSCP status viable.

3.  Other Projects for the Committee:  Under Linda Slusar’s (CJCLS Library Technical Assistant Education Committee) leadership, a survey of Library Technician programs was conducted in 2002.  This is the latest survey of programs in the U.S.  A suggestion was made to check with Dave Dowell to determine if a follow-up survey was conducted. If not, the Committee may want to consider collaborating with the LSSCP Committee and/or the LSSR on a follow-up.

4.  Virtual Meetings:  The suggestion was made to determine the level of interest CJCLS members have in virtual meetings, possibly through a survey on cjc-l.  In addition to assessing potential committee members willingness to contribute financially to ALA, some of the questions that could be asked include:       

Would you be interested in serving on a CJCLS Committee if you could attend meetings virtually?

If so, when would you be available to attend meetings?  Choices could include during ALA conferences, on weekends (best day/time) and week days.

If meetings were held during ALA, would you prefer meetings held concurrently with face-to-face meetings or entirely virtual meetings?

 All CJCLS committees that participated in the Sunday a.m. “all committees” meeting will be talking through virtual meeting options.   Mary Ann volunteered to draft a survey based on the ideas of the committees. 



Minutes submitted by:  Mary Ann Sheblé