ALA Midwinter Conference ACRL CJCLS Executive Committee Meeting

Renaissance Boston Conference Room Saturday, January 16, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 8:13 by CJCLS Chair, Mary Ann Sheble.

I. Welcome and Introductions: In attendance: Elinor Appel, Alice Lubrecht, Michael LaCroix, Christine Crowley, Eva Lautemann, Adam Burlington, Mary Ann Sheble.

II. Review Agenda: The 2020 Midwinter Agenda was approved with a motion by Lubrecht/Crowley.

III. Approve Annual Conference 2009 Minutes: The minutes were approved by Lubrecht/Crowley.

IV. Mini Reports

A. Liaison Reports

1.  ALA Staff Liaison: Adam Burlington reported a slight decrease in ALA membership owing to database cleanup. Other news:

Action Plan funds will be discontinued starting in the fall of 2012. Discussion: Friends Fund might be a replacement source of scholarship funds (Sheble). Other fund sources are posted on the ALA website (LaCroix). Adam Burlington will follow up with more information.

ALA has lost the web editor position. Each Section has been limited to four web editors to limit the amount of staff training required. New web guidelines have been posted.

Virtual meetings: tips will be posted on a wiki. Two meeting platforms are available: Dimdim (for meetings of fewer than 20 people) and Adobe Connect Service (for more than 20 attendees). ALA staff can support setup. Discussion: use these products for hybrid meetings: virtual and face to face. Mary Ann Sheble will follow up by getting a position statement from each of the committees on virtual/hybrid meetings.

2.  ACRL Liaison: Michael LaCroix reported that the ACRL Leadership Council is updating its ALA Strategic Plan for 2010-2015. Special areas of interest: advocacy, Copyright Alliance, open access, eLearning, recognition of non-librarians in professional library world (for instance web designers). ACRL’s annual conference will be held in Philadelphia, March 30 – April 2, 2011.

3.  NCLR Liaison: ALA representatives Alice Lubrecht and Mary Carr have successfully drafted three position statements accepted by the AACC, and another is in progress. Through these statements librarians can reach college presidents and be heard. The next AACC conference will be held in Seattle in April with Deb

Gilchrist as keynote speaker. Alice Lubrecht is actively recruiting for two replacements for the NCLR committee since the current librarians no longer work in a community college. NCLR will pay for them to attend the AACC conference.

B. Section Officers

1.  Chair: Three panel participants from the 2009 CJCLS Chicago program had their presentation proposal approved for the First Year Experience Conference in Denver (Feb., 2010). The ACRL Board approved $1900 for a 2008 CJCLS Action Plan that will apply toward expenses for these presenters. The CJCLS Executive Committee approved $300 "matching funds" from the CJCLS budget. EBSCO will again donate $950 toward the 2010 EBSCO Awards and Dinner event at Annual in Washington, D.C. These funds will pay for dinner for award recipients and help to defray the cost of dinner for CJCLS members and their guests.

2.  Past Chair: Mary Ann Sheble announced for Lora Mirza that the CJCLS FYE program had the most attendees at ALA 2009.

3.  Vice Chair: Mary Ann Sheble noted for David Wright that his previous call for volunteers resulted in few responses and he will post another call for recruitment.

4.  Secretary: no report.

5.  Webmaster: no report.

6.  Newsletter Editor: The first e-newsletter was published last fall and received positive feedback. The new format means it could be published more frequently.

C. Committee Chairs

1.  Awards: The Awards Committee met virtually. The application for this year’s award was extended past the original deadline of Dec. 4.

2.  Conference Planning: Alice Lubrecht reported that the CJCLS program "Yours, Mine, Ours: Moving Students through the High School to College Level" has been approved. This program is co-sponsored by the Instruction Section. Format: moderated panel, introduced by Megan Oakleaf (Syracuse University) followed by Ken Burnhanna (Kent State) and Q & A.

3.  LTA Education Committee: Linda Slusar recently retired. Mary Ann will contact her to determine if she wishes to pass along the committee chair position.