CJCLS midwinter meeting 2010 minutes program planning


Notes from the  Midwinter Meeting



BCEC Room 103

Meeting called by:

Alice Lubrecht




Ann Coder; Nan Schichtel; Christine Crowley (CJC Newsletter editor)




Action Follow-up


ü  2010 Midwinter Hot Topics/NCLR Discussion Session – Saturday afternoon at  


Discussion was lively for the 1 ½ time session.  Notes were recorded and Alice will forward to the listserv.




ü  2010 Annual Conference Program

o    There was a concern about the size of the room because last year’s program drew over 400 attendees.  The feeling was this year’s topic was just as compelling


Alice will contact Megan re

Size of room and when will we know the location?

ü  Evaluation form 


Two questions will be added; one for outcome one and one for outcome two

Ann will draft the questions and send for review by the committee.

Draft to Megan for printing;

We will need to pick up Friday of conference

ü  Volunteers for publicity via listservs and Wikis


Nan will identify listservs and develop the announcement.

ü  Program handout design; handing out items at the doors


One full page agenda; Alice will create based on program submission; we will ask for volunteers on the listserv and at the dinner on Friday evening

ü  Evaluations analysis by Ann Coder


Ann Coder

ü  Does anyone want to tweet or blog the session?


No one at the meeting was comfortable with doing this

ü  2010 Annual Hot Topics/NCLR Discussion Session


Proposal to combine with the All Committees mtg.?  We will forward this suggestion to the Exec Committee for consideration for 2011

ü  Other


Events planner and date




ü  ALA Connect page/email to committee member



ü  CJCLS Webpage