2010 midwinter meeting CJCLS membership and communication meeting

CJCLS Membership and Communication Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, Boston

January 17, 2010: 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, room #103

Meeting Notes


1.  Promoting better communication for the section through virtual initiatives.


Eva – where can we post and interact online? Need to do it in one place?

Jackie – ALA Connect would serve this purpose

Mary M-H: use listserv to promote use of wiki/virtual and interactive web resource

2.  Plan

Investigate: Using ALA Connect as main communication source and meeting place for CJCLS members and others. 

Functions: Hold documents, conversations, virtual meetings, links to profile page (Jackie)

Relationship to wiki and web page. We don't want too many sources of information. (Elinor)

Identifying and contacting state-level/local professional cc organizations - outreach to, how? Jackie )


Would they have access to ALA Connect? How much?

Partnering with other sections such as EBS,ITS

3.  Goal


Create ALA Connect page for Membership/Communication by ALA Annual 2010 and possibly future collaborations.