ALA/ACRL ARTS Section All Committee Meeting

Annual Meeting Orlando

All Committee Meeting


Saturday, June 26, 2004 

Chair Ed Teague opened the meeting and gave Vice-Chair Sandy Mooney time for a few announcements.  Mooney acknowledged each person serving on Arts committees and reviewed the list of assignments, announcing that the Section has a full compliment of members on committees.  She then distributed copies of the completed and approved committee assignment form for each committee member to have for his or her own personal file. 

Mooney then shared a new initiative of ACRL - the use of webcasts.  Mooney distributed a data sheet she had constructed for gathering information from Arts committees and asked that each committee make this a part of their discussion in the morning meeting session, thinking of topics that would be appropriate for webcasting and relevant to the Arts Section, returning their completed sheet to her before leaving.  It is her understanding from ACRL that a webcast can be open or closed (i.e. available only to section members), and while ACRL has not requested at this time input on the issue of registration fees (e.g. what a reasonable fee would be, should fees be charged for “one-shot” webcasts), Mooney would like the Arts membership to give this some consideration.  Mooney would like to see our section sponsor one webcast a year, if appropriate topics can be identified.  Any ideas that should surface after annual conference can be e-mail directly to Mooney.

For the remainder of the scheduled meeting time, those in attendance met in their respective committees.

Present: Laurel Bliss, Betty Bryce, Tom Caswell, Claudia Covert, Brian Falato, Nancy Freidland, Roland Hansen, Sara Harrington, Alan Karass, Eric A. Kidwell, Sarah Legins, Ann Lindell, Sandy Mooney, Madeleine Nichols, Michele Saunders, Jane Sloan, Ed Teague, Shannon Van Kirk, Liza Vick. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Eric A. Kidwell

Secretary, Arts Section