ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Membership/Executive Committee Meeting
Sunday, July 9, 2000, 9:30 a.m.
Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ann Lindell - ARTS Secretary


ARTS Chair Floyd Zula opened the meeting and thanked Roland Hansen for hosting the meeting at the Flaxman Library of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Also introduced was Helice Koffler, new ARTS Newsletter Editor, and Paul Dumont, ACRL Board liaison.


  • Melissa Cast from ACRL said that the section brochure deadline not set yet, she will be in touch with Vice-Chair/Chair-elect Lorelei Tanji when details are known.
  • Nominations for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect are due September 15, 2000.  It was reinforced that section elections should have 2 candidates for each position.
  • If there is interest in presenting a special event for the San Francisco conference (June 2001), a special event form is due end of July.
  • Reimbursement forms for conference expenses are due to ACRL August 15, 2000.
  • ACRL is getting involved in an ALA-wide PR campaign.
  • Committee appointment forms need to be filled out for current chairs and members.  This is very important.  The deadline is July 14, 2000 in order to be listed in the ALA Handbook.   You need to fill out another form if you are doing a second term on a committee.
  • Lorelei Tanji, ARTS Vice-Chair will be chairing this year's ACRL Sections Council.


  • The ACRL strategic plan was discussed at Sections Council.  Lorelei passed out a brochure that summarized the plan.  She mentioned that ARTS Chair Floyd Zula recently had to fill out a form matching section activities to points in the strategic plan and that we should continue to align our future activities with the stategic plan.
  • ACRL has a research mentoring program.  This allows new researchers to get help formulating ideas, have someone read over a manuscript, obtain statistical help, etc.  For more information see the ACRL Research Mentoring Program Web site.
  • ARL offers templates and sample letters for educating faculty about rising serials costs.  For more information see: Create Change: A resource for faculty and librarian action to reclaim scholarly communication.
  • ACRL Awards nomination forms are available.
  • Sections Council wants to be more active in bringing things to the floor of ACRL board meeting.  These can be cross-section issues such as collaboration, partnership, membership issues.
  • Lorelei asked how many people were on the ARTS Listserv.  Most in attendance at the meeting were listserv subscribers.  There are over 800 members and only a small percentage are on the listserv, so we should try to encourage people to subscribe via the section newsletter.  ARTS-L listowner Nancy Stokes will investigate using the membership list to offer listserv subscription to members.
  • There was a call for newsletter editor and we had 3 responses.  Helice Koffler is the new newsletter editor.  Nadine Flores will be assistant newsletter editor and will become editor the following year.  Shannon Van Kirk will also be an assistant editor, and will become editor the 3rd year.
  • Lorelei gave the floor to Paul Dumont, ACRL Board Liaison.  He announced that there was scholarship money available for sending individuals to ACRL workshops and meetings.  There are also Initiative funds up to $2500 to fund projects. Fore more information see
  • Lorelei gave the floor to Mary Edsall, who announced that the National Gallery of Art Library will host the meeting in Washington during the Midwinter Meeting, January 2001.
  • Lorelei gave the floor to Mary Strow who announced that the location for the Dance Librarians Discussion group meeting that afternoon was incorrect.  The correct meeting place is 2pm at the Chicago Historical Society.


There were corrections to the attendance roster and the liaison report sections of the Midwinter 2000 minutes.  The minutes were then approved as amended.


a. Conference Planning
Nadine Flores is chairing the San Francisco Conference Planning Committee.  The program will be about collaboration and community in the Beat Generation.  They have a tentative list of speakers at this point that includes poets, a visual artist and others.  Forms and tracking information have been submitted.  This program will be co-sponsored by ACRL-LESS.  The Program Planning Committee members are:  Nancy Friedland, Mary Strow, Mary Edsall, Nadine Flores, and Dena Thomas.

Floyd Zula mentioned that program proposals for the Atlanta 2002 Annual Conference will be due in May of 2001.

Roland Hansen mentioned that he will be a liaison for program planning for the Roundtables and will pass along any information he comes across via the listserv.

Mary Strow will be responsible, as Vice-Chair, for appointing the Atlanta Program Planning Committee.

b. Dance Librarians Committee (Paula Murphy, Chair)

Mary Edsall spoke about the Core Collection Publication.  She recently met with Hugh Thompson of ACRL publications.  The book will be ready for sale in October.  The committee is in the final stages of content edit.  Beth Kerr will then do the indexing.  There will be publicity at Dance conferences and on ARTS Website and listserv.   There will be a 500 copy print run. After this it will become a Web publication.   Appendices and directory materials will be available on the web immediately.    Paula Murphy thanked everyone involved with bringing this project to completion over the years.

Paula spoke about the program for "Dancing in the Millennium", July 22, 11-12  Washington DC.  There are 20 dance organizations involved and it will be an internationally attended event.  Our program concerns marketing dance through the library.  It will highlight interactions between libraries and the dance community.  Mary Strow will talk about becoming a dance librarian after retiring from performance.  Mary Edsall will talk about the Core Collection Bibliography.  This will be great exposure for the Dance Librarians Committee.  Mary Strow created a bookmark that incorporated the ARTS logo and a dance logo.  At Midwinter, the Dance Librarians Committee will discuss adopting a logo for the committee.

Paula reported that the Dance Librarians Committee will be updating their mission statement and 5 year plan.  She needs to know the original purpose for the Dance Librarians Committee when it was formed.  This should have been printed in the Newsletter at the time.  Roland Hansen checked his copies of the newsletters and there didn't seem to be anything about the committee's formation there.

Dance Librarians Committee has discussed standards for video labels for materials not commercially produced.  The Dance Heritage Coalition has adopted standards for these labels and cataloging.  This needs to be brought before some standards committee in ACRL for adoption.  Other groups are also making standards.  It would be useful to have a standards committee to discuss and recommend action. (See new business below, for further discussion.)

The National Initiative to Preserve America's Dance has reached the end of its grant funding.  The Dance Librarians Committee will send a letter recognizing the efforts and support of this group.

c. Dance Librarians Discussion Group.

 Paula Murphy announced that the Midwinter meeting will be held at the Chicago Historical Society, today from 2-4:30pm. Recognition awards will be given to 3 people in the Chicago dance community (Ann Barzel, dance critic for Dance magazine. She has donated her collection to the Newberry Library; Stephanie Clemens, former executive director of the Doris Humphrey Society in Oak Park; and Larry Long, Director of the Ruth Page School of Dance.)  There will be a reception and display of materials from Chicago Historical Society collection in the research center.

d.  Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group

Chair Rick Provine announced that the group would be meeting this afternoon.   Indiana University is working with publishers of the Film literature Index.  Individuals involved with this project will be at the meeting and are looking for feedback on the interface.  There has been discussion of creating a Web portal for film literature and broadcast studies.  This is still under consideration.

e. Technology in the Arts

The visual literacy program on Saturday, July 8, drew an audience of 180 people. Speakers included Angela T. Spinazze, founder, ATSPIN  consulting, a consulting firm for museums experienced in metadata and its application to visual imagery, and Marta J. Huszar, Professor & Director of the Graduate Program in Graphic Design, University of Illinois at Chicago whose current research is on visual literacy.  Panelists addressed the cataloging, metadata, teaching and interpretive challenges involved in developing a new eye for traditional and electronic visual messages.  There was considerable discussion with the audience (45 min.).  There were a few technical difficulties as well.  There was a scheduling problem for Section members who wished to attend because it was at the same time as the all committees meeting.

Technology and the Arts program proposal for the San Francisco conference has been accepted by LITA.  The program will be on electronic poetry.

f. Liaison Activities (Paula Epstein)

Paula Epstein, Liaison Committee Chair, commented that the section needs to rethink the purpose of this adhoc committee.  She thinks it has met its purpose and it needs to be reformulated.  Communication is easier now with email, web, listservs etc.   Timeliness is a big issue.  Newsletter editors change and it is difficult to distribute our material.  Our Web site provides links to other like organizations. We do this on our Web site but it is not necessarily reciprocal.   Paula commented that the focus of liaison activities in some other organizations, such as ARLIS/NA was different.  There are individuals who are members of other organizations and they share information back and forth between the organizations.  Information is gathered and exchanged on a one-to-one basis.

Sandra Mooney said that she, as ARTS Membership Committee Chair could coordinate some of these efforts because the Membership Committee would like to establish a mentorship component.

Chris Whittington mentioned that there are ACRL funds available for creative liaison activities and projects in the amount of  $500-2500.  March 15 is the deadline.

Jane Gottlieb mentioned that there are liaisons/members in attendance from other organizations such as the Music Library Association.  She announced that the Music Library Association would be meeting in New York.  The opening session will be at the New York Public Library.  Topic is "Documenting the Present for the Future"  MLA committees have been invited to cast their discussions and programs in incorporate dance and theater.

Susan Brady invited the ARTS membership to the Theater Library Association's ALA program:  "Their Championship Season."

g. Membership (Sandra Mooney)

ARTS Section numbers 869 members.  Our continued goal is to have 1000 members, since this will double our funding.  The Membership Committee has focused efforts to get recruits from library schools and recent graduates.  They have been using library school listservs but would rather have direct e-mail content with recruits.  Another group to target are new professionals, new to field, or people with new job assignments in the arts such as catalogers, collection managers, and commercial cataloguers.  The very best sources of names are active members of the ARTS Section.  Committee will make direct contact with people if members send names.

h. Newsletter

Helice Koffler is the new newsletter editor.  She will be sending information out on the listserv.

i. Nominating

No report

j. Planning (Betty Bryce)

Section concerns are that there are large numbers of members, but not a lot of participation.   Betty would like more members on planning committeee (Currently, committee membership is Betty Bryce, Chair, and Eric Kidwell, member.)    Floyd Zula suggested that there be some discussion of planning issues on the listserv.  Steve Bloom said that in the past, planning committee initiatives came from section leadership.

k. Publications

Refer to Dance Librarians Committee Report.

l. Website

If section groups, committees, etc., need information posted to the website, contact Ann Lindell.

m. Performing Arts Discussion Group (Nancy Stokes)

Nancy Stokes reported that a small, but determined, and mighty group met at 8am for the first meeting.  They would like, in the future, to meet an hour before general membership meeting  in the same room if possible.  The individuals assembled decided that the group was indeed viable.  The would like to be active liaisons with the Music Library Association and the Theater Library Association as well as other groups.  A focus will be documentation and preservation in the performing arts.  This group is also interested in contributing to the standards for video labels mentioned by the Dance Librarians Committee.  This group would also like to continue the tradition of community outreach in the cities they are visiting.

Floyd Zula thanked Nancy for conceiving this group and seeing it through.  He commented that it would enhance our membership.  Many librarians' positions are being broadened and expanded to include new subject areas.  This group offers a forum for people whose job responsibilities have been altered to learn and exchange ideas.  It is an important new group for the ARTS Section.

n. Government and Private Sector (Mimi Hernandez)

Anyone interested in joining the group please see Mimi Hernandez.


Floyd Zula talked about the ARTS Section program, "Is Seeing Understanding?"  Speakers included Paula Murphy, who gave a presentation about digitization projects at the Chicago Historical Society, enhancing outreach to people in Chicago; Peter Neal of the National Broadcasting Corporation spoke about how written materials are translated to film, and Mary Keeland, of the Hudson Midcounty Library System in New York, discussed how a large public library system is meeting the demands of its community.


a. ACRL Board Meeting  (see announcements from the Chair and Vice-Chair)

b. Conference Program Tracking.
Lorelei Tanji will would like groups/chairs to email her concerning meeting times.  She will try to coordinate things once our program times are known.

c. Section Brochure
Ann Lindell has done a mock-up of the brochure and has price quotes which should put us within the amount allowed for funding by ACRL. Deadlines are not firm at this point.   Ann will send out copy to via listserv and to chairs of groups via email for editing.

d.  Dance Bibliography (See Dance Librarians Committee Report)


a. Orientation manual.
Floyd Zula said he would be willing to undertake a revision of orientation manual with some of the other past chairs and perhaps the planning committee.  Nancy Stokes has the current revision in digital form.

b.   Newsletter.
Floyd Zula thanked Judy Harvey Sahak for agreeing to serve as interim newsletter editor and for producing the latest issue.

There was some discussion about having the newletter editorship be a 2 year cycle.  The first year one would serve as assistant editor, and the second year as editor.   Other discussion included the issue of how the newsletter editor is chosen:  by the executive committee?  The Vice Chair?, the past Newletter Editor?  This is a point that needs to be resolved.  Lorelei Tanji pointed out that the editor becomes a member of the Executive Committee.

MOTION: Lorelei Tanji moved that the terms of office for Newsletter Editor and Assistant be a cumulative 2 year cycle (i.e. first year Assistant Editor, 2nd Year Newsletter Editor), with alternating appointment years..  Eric Kidwell seconded the motion.  MOTION PASSED.

  c. New Standards Committee
The Dance Librarians Committee or another group or individual could make a motion at midwinter to establish a standards committee.    Steve Bloom commented that  the Standards Committee would be a body to recommend things to ARTS Section which could then send them on further to ACRL. The committee and any given standards under consideration are separate issues.  Rick Provine agreed that this was an important issue and that with new needs for metadata, etc, there is a need to examine standards in a broader sense.

MOTION: Steve Bloom moved that the establishment of a Standards Committee be referred to the Planning Committee for discussion  of mission and purpose.   Nancy Stokes made a friendly amendment that there be a deadline for a report by Midwinter 2001 and that the issue be voted on then by the membership.  Stephen Bloom accepted the amendment.  Mary Edsall seconded the motion as amended.  MOTION PASSED.

d. Lorelei Tanji thanked Floyd Zula for being this year's ARTS Chair, and commented that he has
       done it with great humor and style.

Meeting adjourned at 11:44 a.m.


Lorelei Tanji, University of California--Irvine
Nancy L. Stokes, University of Akron
Fred Gardner, California Institute of the Arts
Helice Koffler, King County Archives
Paula Epstein, Columbia College
John Larsen (retired)
Mimi Hernandez, Washington DC Public Library
Mary E. Edsall, Temple University
Betty Bryce, University of Alabama
Nadine M. Flores, Exposition Park Branch, Los Angeles Public Library
Roland C. Hansen, Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sandy Mooney, Design Library, Louisiana State University
Shannon Van Kirk, Art/Arch Library, Miami University (OH)
Stephen Bloom, University of Southern Maine
Mary Strow, Indiana University--Bloomington
Judy Harvey Sahak, Claremont Colleges
Stephen Patrick, East Tennessee State University
Chris Whittington, University of Maine--Orono
Henry DuBois, California State University--Long Beach
Nancy Friedland, Columbia University
Eric A. Kidwell, Huntingdon College
Floyd M. Zula, California State University--Fullerton
Jane Gottlieb, The Julliard School
Rick Provine, Depauw University
Becky Albitz, Penn State--Shenango
Susan Brady, Yale University
Kevin Winkler, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
Sylvia Curtis, University of California--Santa Barbara
Ann Lindell, University of Florida